Chapter NineMature

'What do you mean 'you were there'?  That's impossible.'  My brain was starting to swell with the amount of new information it was being swamped with.

'Demitri isn't like the rest of us but he's not like you either.  He's meant to be neutral but we all know which side he prefers.'

Demitri shrugged.  'What can I say?  The people here are far more fun than the ones on the other side.'

'So what do you mean when you say he's different?'

'Demitri is the guide.  He's the one who leads the chosen one until they make their choice.  He teaches them how to fight and introduces them to our world.  When they know everything they need to they make the decision.'

''So how long have you been around for Demitri?  I mean, you don't look any older than me so there must be something really freaky going on here.'

'I've been alive ever since the beginning of time when the first warrior was chosen and I have trained them all to be good fighters and to be loyal to whichever side they choose.  I have seen them all born and I have seen them all die, just as I saw you being born and I will see you die.'

'Wow, you really like to keep the atmosphere cheerful don't you.'  I muttered to myself.

'It is a very serious matter.  The chosen one will only be called on when we need them.  Although things are quiet now they are not always so.  Something must be about to happen if the necklace has chosen its next warrior.'

I fell back heavily in my chair, my hands automatically running through my hair.  This was a lot to take on board.  'So what happens now?'  I asked.  'What do I have to do?'

'You will begin learning traditional fighting methods, shooting with a bow and arrows and with modern guns, sword fighting and training with a staff.  But first I teach you fighting without weapons, oriental kung fu and karate as well as less sophisticated hand-to-hand combat.'

'Just thinking about doing all that tires me out.'  The task before me was huge and I was already starting to feel the pressure.

'If you are good enough and lucky enough to survive that long then you may be able to learn some magic.'

'Magic?  As in abracadabra Harry Potter type magic.'  Demitri turned his nose up at this.

'J.K got it so wrong.  There are no potions and spells.  The only magic we all naturally possess is elemental magic.  We are all connected to nature and the elements and if you are disiplined enough then you will be able to use that connection to manipulate the elements and use them.'  My phine buzzed in my bag again.

'Sorry, I should probably get this.'  I hurriedly pulled my mobile out of my bag and answered it.  It was Mum.

'Where the hell are you?!  You were meant to be home hours ago.  No-one has seen or heard from you since you left school, I even had to call George,' she spat out the name, 'to check you weren't with him.  Well, I'm waiting.'

'I'm fine, I'm with a friend but I'm heading home now.'  I smiled apologetically at Demitri and Abril.

'You had better be home quickly because you have a lot of explaining to do.'

'Love you too Mum.  See you soon.'  I hung up and turned to Demitri and Abril, forcing a smile on my face.  'That was my mum.  She's worried so I need to go home.'

'I'll come with you.'  Demitri stood to leave with me.

'Your training starts tomorrow chosen one.'  Abril said as we turned to leave.  'I expect to see you.'

'You will.'  I assured her before walking out the door Demitri held open for me.  The bang the door made when it closed silenced the bar, making my exit even more tense.

The End

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