Chapter EightMature

Abril leaned over her desk towards me.  'You mean to tell me that you have no idea what is actually going on?'  I shook my head.  'It's probably a good thing we got to her when we did.'

'Can you please tell me what's going on?  I don't want to be attacked in the street again without knowing why.'  My normal fiesty character was finding its way back to the surface.

'Do you want to tell her or shall I?'  Abril asked Demitri.

'You do it so well,' Demitri looked like he was starting to relax.  'I would hate to take it away from you.'  Abril rolled her eyes and began talking to me, a never-ending stream of words that I had to work to keep up with.

'You have no idea how fragile this world is.  You are totally unaware of the constant battle going on around you, the fight between good and evil, a battle that can never end or the whole balance of reality would crack.'

'That's pretty dramatic,' I muttered.  Abril didn't even notice me interruption, continuing with her monologue.

'Once every generation or so a warrior is born, one who is strong and will play a big role in this battle.  They are not born to either side, they must make their decision, which side they will fight for, good or evil.  It is this choice that keeps the battle in balance.'

'So who are you guys?  The goodies or the baddies?'  Demitri snorted at that.  'What?  That's the way I understand it.'

'From that perspective we are the good guys.'  Abril smiled at the simplicity of my understanding.

'OK then,' I tried to get the informantion to sink in.  'So there is this battle going on and there is a chosen warrior who will come and fight for whichever side they want to.'

'That is correct.'  Abril nodded.

'So what have I got to do with this?  I have nothing to do with this.'

'But you do.'  Demitri said.  'The chosen one is unaware of their destiny, living a normal life until they are summoned.  The necklace you are wearing is the talisman of the chosen one and will only appear to whoever is meant to wear it.'

'So I'm the chosen one!'  I burst out laughing.  'You have got to be kidding!  Come on where are the camera's this must be some sort of TV show.'  When Abril and Demitri's faces stay perfectly serious the smile falls from my face.  'You aren't kidding are you?'

'No we're not.'

'Well I don't know what you expect from me but I'll tell you this now I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing.  I have never fought properly in my life before.'

'Don't worry, not many chosen warriors have nowadays.'  Demitri had a far away look in his eyes.  'In the past many of the men who were chosen had basic training in sword and staff fighting but people don't teach that anymore.'

'And how would you know that?  No don't tell me, you read a lot.'  Demitri didn't smile at my joke.

'No, I was there.'

The End

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