Chapter SevenMature

Demitri held my shoulders firmly as he carefully checked I was alright.

'I'm fine, stop fussing.'  I tried to shrug him off but his grip on me held and I couldn't escape.  He was thorough in his examination but as soon as he was satisfied nothing was broken he dropped his arms.  'Can I have some sort of explanation now?  What was she on about?  The chosen one?'

'Oh God.  I really hoped this wouldn't happen so fast.'  Demitri sat on the edge of the pavement with his hands in his hair.

'What is it that's happening?  When I get attacked in the street I like to know why.'  I sat next to him trying to get him to look at me.  'What is going on Demitri?  You randomly appear in my life, stop my ex-boyfriend from beating me up and save my life all in one day.  Something isn't right.'

'We can't talk about this here.  I need to take you somewhere safe where no-one can listen in.'  He went and picked up my bag holding the shoulderstrap out to me.  I put it over my head and calmly followed him back the way we had come.


Demitri led me to what looked like a dilapidated pub, long out of business and starting to fall down.

'So this is where you call safe?'  I didn't look too impressed.

'Don't judge a book by its cover, this place is probably the safest place for you anywhere.'  He casually opened the door and the sound of voices poured out.  'Come on in.'  Nervously and very aware I was still in my school uniform and was looking the worse for wear after being wrestled to the ground.

It was brighter in the pub than I had expected, although I hadn't expected any light at all.  The room was full of people, mainly men but quite a few women too, all talking and drinking.  But as soon as the door closed behind Demitri all eyes were on us.

'All right people nothing to see here.'  Demetri waved people aside as he led me through the main bar area towards the back of the building.  I felt my cheeks flushing as everyone stared at me.

'So who's this Demitri.'  A woman blocked our path and my knees began to turn to jelly.  This woman was terrifying.  She stood at well over six foot with broad shoulders and strong muscular arms, built like a brick wall with a severe cropped hair cut.  Nothing was getting past her.

'This is Cassandra.  She's the one.  Cassie, this is Abril.'  Abril looked me up and down, making me even more uncomfortable than I already felt.

'Are you sure she's the chosen one?  She looks a little skinny to me.'  A small flicker of anger flared in my stomach but my survival instinct told me this woman could have me pinned to the floor before I had time to raise my fist.

'I can assure you she is Abril.  Show her the necklace.'  He sounded like he was ordering me and normally I wouldn't have given in so easily to him but in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by people I didn't know if I could trust I did as he said.  Abril's eyes widened as she saw the pendant hanging around my neck.

'So it is true.  We have our next warrior.'  She turned and began to walk away, barking orders at us to follow her.  Demitri didn't speak as we left the bar and went into a back room.

Abril took a seat behind a desk and motioned for us to take the two on the other side.  'I don't mean to sound rude,' I squeaked, 'but could someone tell me what's going on?'

The End

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