Chapter SixMature

I spent the rest of the day looking for Demitri but he managed to hide himself particularly well.  Kel had heard about my 'incident' with George but I refused to tell her the details, I wasn't ready to tell her everything just yet.  It wasn't because she didn't ask, she tried her hardest to get it out of me but I wouldn't give in.

By the end of the day I still hadn't seen Demitri again and pretended not to be disappointed.  Instead I collected my things and went home as usual.  Even though it wasn't late, only about five o'clock, the sun had almost set and darkness was closing in.

I didn't mind to darkness, I almost felt at home walking along deserted streets in the center of town with only the street lights and the final rays of sunlight to show me my way.  I swung my schoolbag by my side, enjoying the solitude.

I heard footsteps behind me but thought nothing of them.  I'm not the only person who is allowed to be out after dark.  My phone began to buzz in my bag and I stopped to find it, standing against the wall so the person behind me could pass.  I didn't look up as they walked by, focused on finding my phone.

Suddenly I felt a jabbing pain in my side and fell to the ground.  My bag was ripped from my grasp and thrown aside by my assailant.  I tried to scramble to my feet but a boot planted itself on my back, forcing me back onto the ground.

'So this is our new warrior.  How sweet.'  The voice was that of a woman, filled with sarcasm and a hint of venom.  'I would have thought she would have been a little more prepared for her calling.  It's such a shame she'll have to die so soon.'

A cold metal blade was pressed against the back of my neck.  'I'm not who you think I am.'  That was all I managed to get out.

'Then why are you wearing this necklace?'    The woman pulled at the chain around my neck.  'Only the chosen one can wear it, so how can you explain why you have it if you aren't who we think you are?'  I could feel her smirking at me.

'Well... um...'  I stammered, trying to think of a way out.

'I thought so.'  I could hear my phone buzz again.  For God's sake not now Mum!  The blade was taken away from my neck and I tensed myself for the sharp stab of pain I thought was coming.

But it never came.  Instead the pressure on my back vanished and my attacker was thrown into a wall.

'How did I guess it would be you Savannah.'  I recognised Demitri's cool tones as I pushed myself to my feet.  The woman, Savannah, was on her feet too and sauntering towards us.

'Demitri Erikson, it's been too long.  I was almost beginning to miss you.'

'I wish I could say the same.'  He placed himself between me and Savannah, his body tensed and ready to fight.

'You're always so mean to me.'  Savannah whined, looking at Demitri from under her long eyelashes and flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder in a flirtatious manner.

'I will be if you attack the chosen one.  You know it's my duty to protect her until it is time for her to choose.'  There were so many questions running through my head but I didn't dare ask them in case it got me killed.

'I was only having a bit of fun.'

'Your kind of fun usually ends up with someone dead.'

'Oh look at that.'  She looked at her wrist.  'It's so late I really should be going.  I look forward to seeing you two again very soon.'  She blew Demitri a kiss and vanished.

The End

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