Chapter FiveMature

'Wait!'  I yelled after the guy.  He turned around and saw me running after him but didn't stop.  'Hey I want to talk to you.'  When he didn't even slow down I picked up my pace, dodging past the people in the filled corridor until I caught him up.  'Why did you do that?'

'Do what?'  He looked at me innocently.

'Beat up George.  It had nothing to do with you and I can handle myself.'

'Yeah it really looked like you were handling that situation well,' he scoffed.

'I'm sorry you have no idea what the circumstances were.'  Why did this guy get me so angry?

'It was pretty easy to work out.  Idiot guy gets annoyed when his girlfriend doesn't put out.  Idiot guy tries to preserve his macho reputation by saying he's been sleeping with someone else.  Girlfriend gets annoyed and starts arguing with him.  Come on, how close am I?'  I turned red, infuriated by his guess.

'It was a lucky guess.'

'I've seen it loads of times before, but not many of them have looked like they were going to descend into a fist fight and no offence, I think he would have won.'

'Hey!  I'm stronger than I look.'  I didn't even know why I was arguing that point, I had no desire to be a good fighter so why did it bug me so much?

'I'm sure you are.'  There was no hint of sarcasm in his voice this time, but I didn't like that way he was looking at me, it made me feel uncomfortable.

'So if you're going to go around solving my problems for me can I know your name?'  I tried to be confident but the truth was his eyes unsettled me, there was something in them that I couldn't put my finger on.

'I'm Demitri, it's been lovely meeting you Cassie but I think there is somewhere I need to be.'  He smiled giving me a half bow before turning to leave.  'Oh by the way, I like your necklace.'  I looked down and saw that the pendant was hanging out of my shirt.  It must have come out during the confusion.

'Umm thanks.  I'll see you around.'  He didn't look back as he walked away.  I shrugged, thinking nothing of our meeting and went to put my necklace back inside my shirt.  As my skin touched the metal I had to pull my hand back before it burnt my skin.  The metal was so hot yet I didn't feel it through my shirt.

I must have imagined it as when I touched the pendant again it was perfectly cool.  Forgetting it I put it back inside my school shirt and walked back the way I had come and towards my first lesson.

My mind began to wander, going over the conversation we'd had.  Demitri.  It wasn't a common name, sounding slightly Russian or at least Eastern European yet he looked hispanic.  Dark hair, tanned skin and smouldering brown eyes.  It's been lovely meeting you Cassie.  How did he know my name?

The End

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