Chapter FourMature

The next morning my alarm went off very loudly in my ear.  As much as I wanted to ignore the beeping, if I listened to it for much longer I would go deaf in one ear, so I rolled over and hit my plastic clock as hard as I could, sending it flying across the room.  As if it were mocking me, my alarm refused to stop beeping at me.  I groaned and fell out of bed, taking most of my duvet with me.

Once I had stopped the beeping I decided I might as well get ready for school, seeing as I was out of bed, so I dropped my duvet, which I had still been holding, and began searching for my uniform.

I hadn't waited up for Mum so I didn't hear her come in last night, but when I stumbled, bleary-eyed into the kitchen she was making toast in her dressing gown, humming cheerfully.

'Morning Cassie.'  She smiled and handed me a plate of toast and chocolate spread, my favourite.

'Morning,' I mumbled back as I moved towards the table, feeling rather confused.  Mum was never this cheerful in the morning, her date must have gone well.  I decieded not to show an interest, knowing that if I asked Mum would assume that I approved of her dating.  Old people shouldn't date, it was just plain wierd.

I hurriedly at my toast and crawled back upstairs to put on my make-up before I left the house.

Feeling a bit more refreshed after curling my hair and covering my face in foundation I picked up my books to leave for school.  I was about to walk away when I spotted the necklace sitting on my bedside table.  I picked it up and put it round my neck.  The chain was just long enough for the pendant to be hidden under my school shirt.

I yelled a goodbye to Mum, as usual, and headed out to catch the bus.  I had my iPod in as usual but began fiddling with the heart pendant around my neck, studying it closely.  I couldn't tell what it was made from, probably some cheap metal, and it felt like it radiated heat.  But that's stupid, metal doesn't give off heat, it's probably just my imagination.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts I almost missed my stop, just getting out of the doors in time before the bus drove off.  I couldn't see George or Kel as I walked through the school gates so headed straight for the main building, ingoring all the other students milling around me.

I took my earphones out as I entered the main hall, putting my iPod carefully in my bag.  I plowed through the crowd towards my classroom when I heard someone calling my name.  It was George.  I took a deep breath, this conversation could go either way.

'Cassie, there's something I need to say.'

'Hello to you too.'  I said, trying to be cheerful.

'For God's sake, can you be serious for one second?!'  George grabbed my shoulders and I was suddenly aware that eyes wer drifting towards us.  'We're over Cassie.'  I tried very hard to stop my jaw from dropping.

'I don't understand.'  It wasn't what he had just said that I didn't understand, it was the numbness I was feeling.  Shouldn't I be crying?

'We're not a couple anymore.  I'm going out with someone else.'  Liar!  He just doesn't want people to know I wouldn't sleep with him.  What is it with men's ego's?  To the suprise of both of us, I started laughing.  'What's so funny?'

'Nothing.'  I gasped.  'Just your pathetic attempt to be in control when we all know the real reason you're dumping me is because you couldn't get into my knickers.'  Now everyone was staring and George started turning a lovely shade of red.

'You lying little bitch!'  He raised his arm to hit me but was stopped mid-swing by a hand grabbing his arm.

'Don't talk to her like that.'  The voice was firm but I didn't recognise the face.

'Excuse me?'  George pulled his arm away and turned to look at the guy who had stopped him.

'I said, don't talk to her like that.'  The new guy was about a head shorter than George and not as strongly built, but he stood his ground.

'And what makes you think you have the right to say how I should speak to people?'  George moved very close to the guy, using his height to intimidate him.  Unfortunately for George it didn't seem to work and the guy just stood taller, looking up to meet George's gaze.

'I was brought up to be polite, looks like some people weren't so lucky,' he smirked.

'You little-'  George went to throw a punch and I closed my eyes, thinking that George would beat the guy to a pulp.  There was a sharp intake of breath from the gathered crowd and I peeked through my eyelashes.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  George was lying on the floor rubbing his head, his arm bent awkwardly on the ground.  The other guy walked away from the gathering, people moving aside to let him through.

Ignoring George I ran after the other guy.  'Hey, wait up!'

The End

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