Chapter TwoMature

The end of the day couldn't come quickly enough.  I can't stand school, the only highlights are messing about in classes with Kel and the rare occasions I manage to snatch a kiss with George in the hall.  So when the bell went at the end of the day, Kel and I were one of the first ones out.

'So you're with George tonight?'  Kel asked in a gossipy tone.  'Is tonight the night?'  She raised her eyebrows suggestively and my stomach tightened.

'It might be.'  I put on a secretive face to hide the fear that was eating away inside me.  Even though I liked to keep up a rebellious image, the truth was normal relationship things scared me.  Things like sex.  I had never talked to my mum about it and wasn't sure how to talk to George about it either.

'OMG Cassie.'  Kel pointed towards the bike outside the school gates where George was casually leaning up against it.  'Yummy!'  Kel looked like she was about to have a fit.  'You are so lucky!'

'I guess I am.'  I mumbled.  It was true George was one of the cutest guys in school but when I looked at him, his hair blowing gently in the wind, I didn't feel the usual flutter in my chest.  'I'll see you tomorrow then.'  I waved as I skipped over to George.  His arm went around my waist and pulled my close before he bent down to kiss me.

'Ready to go?'  He held out a helmet that I took and pulled on over my head.  My arms held on tightly to George's waist as the motorbike roared into life.  I could feel the rest of the school staring at us as we pulled away from the gates and onto the road.

The wind whipping past us pressed my body firmly against George's as he steered us through the mass of late afternoon traffic.  It began to thin out as we reached the more suburban areas of town.  We reached the dead end of a road and George turned off the engine, letting me get off the bike first before hiding it behind a fence that seperated the wood from the quiet street.

We walked together through the trees until the small, abandoned hut came into view.  This was where we always went when we wanted to be alone.  No-one ever came here so we could do pretty much what we wanted without anyone knowing.

I collapsed on the beaten up sofa George had found and put up against one wall, while he shut the door behind us.

'So what do you want to do?'  I looked around at the empty shed, wondering what we could find to do for a few hours.

'Well.'  George sat next to me on the sofa, his lips pressing against mine before tracing my jaw.  'I thought we had special plans for tonight.'  I wasn't sure if I liked the way he was touching me, his hands unbuttoning my blouse.

'I'm not sure George.'  I tried to pull away but he was persistent.

'Come on babe, loosen up a bit.  It can't hurt to have a little fun once in a while.'  He leant in to kiss me again but I pulled back.

'Why can't we do something normal couples do?'  I was stalling.

'Like what?'  George sounded annoyed.

'I don't know!  Go to the cinema, have dinner...?'

'But I didn't think you liked that stuff.'

'Just because you've never taken me to the cinema or out for dinner doesn't mean I don't like doing those things.'

'I thought you were the one who wanted our relationship to be different, exciting.'  George sat back, his eyes seeing right through me.  'Is this too exciting for you?  I thought you wanted to have sex, was I wrong?'

'Well.. no you weren't wrong...'  I couldn't see how I was going to make it through this conversation.

'Then what's with the stalling tactics?'  He leaned in close, his arms wrapping themselves around me so I couldn't escape.  'If you want it then let's do it now.'  He kissed me fiercely and for a second I almost gave into him but as his hand crept up under my skirt I came back to reality.

'No.'  I pushed him away and stood up, looking around for my bag.  'I'm not ready George.'  It was sitting by the door and I went over to pick it up.  'I think I should go if you don't feel comfortable with that.'

'OK then, fine.  Just don't expect me to be waiting around for you when you finally make up your mind.'  I shut the door behind me and hurriedly walked back the way I had come, straightening my uniform as I went.

The End

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