Chapter OneMature

I sat on the school bus, my earphones plugged into my ears to block out the rest of the world.  I'd had a massive bust up with my mum which ended in me storming out of the house to get the bus, her yelling at me as I ran down the street.

Our neighbours must hate us.  Both my mother and I have strong personalities and neither of us will back down in an argument which sometimes means they can go on for hours. 

 We argue about everything.  This morning it was about my boyfriend, George.  Mum says he's bad news and would forbid me from seeing him if she thought it would do any good.  It's true that he's a bit of a bad boy, he gets into trouble all the time at school, he smokes and drinks and owns a motorbike.  I smoke and drink too but I haven't been able to tell my mother that yet and she hasn't found out so I'm going to keep it quiet.  I mean for God's sake I'm seventeen, I should be able to control my own life.

I got out off the bus when we pulled up outside school, hy headphones still in.  I sauntered up to the entrace, paying no attention to the groups of people hanging around, waiting for school to start.  A pair of hands grabbed my shoulders and I jumped, pulling the headphones out of my ears.

'You really need to stop doing that Kel.  It could kill me one day.'  Kelly's laugh danced on the air as she took in the look of shock on my face.

'I'm sorry I just love seeing the look on your face.'  She wrapped her arm around my waist and walked me up to the front door.  Kelly and I were exact opposites.  She was tall with a her pitch black hair in a pixie cut and searching dark brown eyes.  I was short at 5'4 with long blonde curls and grey eyes.

A head of brown hair was approaching me from the other direction.  Arms went around my waist and I was pulled into a passionate kiss.

'Hey Cassie.  I just wanted to check I was seeing you tonight.'  George's voice was like honey.

'Of course, I wouldn't miss it.' 

'Good.  I'll see you later then babe.'  I felt my knees go weak as he gave me one more kiss and went back to his friends.

'Yummy.'  Kelly eyed George as he walked off and got an elbow in the ribs for her trouble.  'What!?  I was just appreciating.'

'Yeah right, like you always do.'  I joked and this time it was Kelly's turn to be annoyed.  'Come on, it's Hayes first thing and you know he hates people being late.'

'All the more reason to be late to annoy him.'  Kelly really liked getting on the teachers nerves and winding them up.

'Well I don't want to have to endure the half-hour lecture he gave the last lot of people who were late so either you walk with me or you'll be left behind.'  I jogged off, looking back over my shoulder at Kelly who was reluctantly following me.

The End

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