Chapter Twenty-EightMature

How are you feeling?'  Mark was instantly by my side, playing the concerned older brother, kneeling next to Demitri, both of them looking up at me with big eyes.

'I'm fine,' I insisted, not allowing my voice to show any emotion.  I was going to stay numb.  'What is it that's happened?'

'I'll tell you what's happened,' Savannah snapped, her face contorting into scowl and not looking as beautiful as it had a few moments earlier.  'What's happened is some crazy son-of-a-bitch has broken into my home, completely trashed the place and half killed one of my men.  Now as the 'chosen one',' she added extra sarcasm in here, 'what are you going to do about it?'  My eyes went straight to Dem, who was carefully studying my face.

'A warning?'  I waited for a response that didn't come and continued, almost thinking out loud.  'A way to show they're not afraid to use violence.'

'That's not all,' Abril interjected.  'There was an attempt to break in to the pub.  Luckily Ash was closing up and managed to fight them off so they didn't succeed.'  I saw the face of the barman hiding in the corner of the room, a black eye growing impressively over his left eye.

'I don't care about an almost break in,' Savannah exclaimed, strutting towards Abril.  'That could have just been a random hoodie wanting to vandalise property.  I have a man in intensive care because he was beaten up by a guy who was after you.'  She spun around and pointed her finger accusingly at me, making me feel very uncomfortable.  'What are you going to do about it?'  She was yelling now, her eyes flashing dangerously with anger and I snapped.

'Shut up!'  I'm sick of your ranting.'  Springing to my feet I advanced on her.  'I might be the 'chosen one' doesn't mean I'm super-human.  I don't have all the answers for everything, so I would appreciate it if you would just stop talking!'  Savannah's face shrivelled up into a frown, her mouth was pursed and the fire had gone out of her eyes.  'Thank you!'

The room was now silent, no-one daring to speak, which meant I could think.  'So first we have to work out what sort of group we're dealing with.  Attacking the headquarters of two separate communities in one night is not something an individual could plan.'

'Why not?'  Mark was looking a little out of his depth, intimidated by the people around him.

'Too hard to attack Savannah's house, beat up a highly trained guard then go straight to the pub and get beaten by Ash,' Demitri explained.  'No offence Ash.'

'None taken.'  There was another pause as I paced up and down the room, racking my brains for a path to follow.

'We need to know who it was that organised these attacks and who carried them out.  We need to know the size of the group we're dealing with.'  I turned to Ash, an idea beginning to emerge in my mind.  'Can you give me a description of the man who attacked you?'

'I can do better than that,' Ash said proudly.  'I've got him locked up and under guard at the pub.  You can question him if you like.'  I grinned, elated I'd found my entry point.'

'That's perfect!'

The End

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