Chapter Twenty-SixMature

Demitri was an absolute star about me moving in.  He sorted out a spare room for me, making sure I had clean sheets and enough blankets so I wouldn't get cold at night.  And as it turned out, Demitri and Mark were great people to live with.

Mark spent most of his day at an office in the city, working on big legal cases and doing whatever lawyers do, but I didn't seem to notice.  He left the house at the same time as me and Demitri and was back home only about an hour after we got back.  I'd thought lawyers worked really long hours and weren't home until night time, but I'd clearly been misinformed.

One of the downsides to living with Demitri was the fact that we now spent almost every waking hour together.  This wasn't helped by Kel deliberately ignoring me whenever I saw her.  I felt hurt but deep down I understood why she was doing it.  If I were her I wouldn't want my family to become mixed up in something they couldn't possibly understand and may prove fatal.

But I was under constant scrutiny from Demitri, always having to be on my toes in case he sprung an unexpected attack or question on me.  It certainly made lessons a little more unpredictable.

The days quickly fell into a routine.  Getting up early for our first training session of the day.  It was a struggle to begin with, Dem had to practically drag me out of bed on more than one occasion, but now I was managing to pull myself out of bed when my alarm went off at four every morning.  Our early sessions focused mainly on physical work, martial arts and boxing.  It was grueling but I began to find it was a good way to start the day.  I felt awake and attentive and found I could concentrate in lessons, even Maths.

Then after school we had a short theory session at the pub, carefully watched over by Abril, where I was taught the history of the chosen ones.  It was surprisingly dull, the same patterns repeated time and time again.  You would have thought someone would have thought after the first few stories I would have got the point.

But the definite highlight of my day was my weapons training when we got home.  I'd taken to the sword very quickly and Dem was now moving me on to shooting with bows and arrows.  He said if I could shoot with a classic weapon like a bow and arrow, shooting with modern weapons like guns would be easy.

I was progressing fast, like I needed to.  We had no idea if our enemy knew what we were doing yet and for the moment we thought we were safe.  I hadn't received another note since I'd left Kel's and we were beginning to think they'd lost track of me.

That was until I returned home from school one day to find a small square of paper on the doormat.

The End

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