The NecklaceMature

The necklace is an ancient talisman that only comes to those with great power. It opens their world to one of magic, good and evil and fights for supremecy. The one who has the necklace is key in the battle between good and evil.

The necklace is waiting.  Waiting for it's next owner, the next powerful warrior to claim it and take their place in the constant battle between good and evil. 

No-one knows what side the chosen one will take but whatever their decision, the necklace will be with them until their death.

The necklace is both a blessing and a curse.  It allows the chosen one to see a world that very few are able to see and gives them great power.

But it is also the thing that will kill them.  The necklace stays with the chosen one until their death and as long as the chosen one is in possesion of the necklace they must fight.

The only way out is death.

The End

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