The Necklace

As Macy recives a necklace in her sleep, she doesn't know who it came from or where. But as she recives one after every time she sees this boy. But when she puts them on she finds out that every necklace has a magical abillity, almost to protect her...

I ran from the lake into the forest. The linings of a house fence came into view. I picked up the pace, as the fence came closer and closer. I jumped and landed on the other side. It was easy; I had jumped things higher than a fence. My heart was racing, I didn't know what to expect. Her grandmother told me that she was the most beautiful girl you could ever meet, but I didn't plan to meet her. Not yet.
Her widow was on the left side of the house, I ran up to the brick. I paused for a minute, studying the structure and the length of the jump. I didn't want to land with a bang, so I had to be extra careful. I braced myself as I jumped from the ground and to the window. Lucky for me it was unlocked and open; I crawled inside being careful not to make a sound. Any sound could wake up her grandmother, but I couldn't make any sound at all. Our hearing was three times better than humans, but we just looked like them.
Her bed was white; it had blue polka-dots on it. The frame was white also, but made of metal, it swerved and curled. I looked at the girl in the bed; her blond hair was tousled on the pillow. She was the one in my dreams, the one I had been looking for. I took a bag out of my coat and put it beside her. I stayed and watched her sleep. Her room was decorated like her bed, white walls with blue polka-dots. She had a book shelf filled with romance novels, fiction, and books that made you look back in time. I could tell she loved to read, her bedside table was stacked with books also.
I bent down and whispered in her ear, "Wear the necklace for me." She started to rustle then I ran and jumped out the window.
That night I woke up at one, feeling groggy and still sleepy. I didn't want to wake from my dream, but for some reason I did. It was one of those dreams were the boy you really like from school asks you out, and then you soon get married. But it was just a dream. I started to move out of bed, then I herd something hit the floor. I turned on my bedside lamp and looked on the floor and under the bed. I pulled up a little black bag; I opened it to find a heart necklace. The chain was a thousand tiny hearts, it was so beautiful. I put it on and looked in a mirror, the necklace shined in the light of the lamp. I climbed back in bed and fell asleep.
In the morning I got up and ran into the closet to find something to wear. I pulled on a pair of shorts, a shirt with a tank top over it, and shoved on my converse. It was typical thirteen year old attire. Even though it was the middle of summer, I still dressed like I was in school. This year I would be going into the eighth grade.
I ran down the stairs and greeted Kiki, our cat, and Gigi, our dog. They followed me to breakfast, and stayed there until I got done. I ran back upstairs and brought down my book bag. It was filled with three books, binoculars, a journal, a compass, and my cell phone.
"Grandma, I'm going out," I shouted. We were the only ones who lived in the house. My parents had died in a car accident when I was four, ever since then Grandma Opal was my guardian. She was adventurous as I was, and had a thing for magic.
"Ok dear, just be careful for those goblins," she said. I knew goblins weren't real, but she thought they were. I headed towards the door, as soon as I was outside I headed for the garage. I found some scratch marks on it, probably from Kiki. I opened the garage and took out my bike. I raced down the dirt road till it hit the forest. I stopped the bike and propped it up against a tree. I ran into the woods to the big oak tree in the middle. There had been a tree next to it before, but someone had cut it down. I sat down on the stump to read.
A rustle in the branches had made me put down my book. I took out my binoculars and zoomed in on the spot. I saw a hand, not a squirrel, but a human hand.
"Come out, come out who ever you are," I smiled. I knew who it was, and she knew I knew. She came out from behind the bush she was hiding from. Alys ran up to me and sat beside me.
"Hey dolly, watchya readin'," she asked. Her red hair blew in the wind, as did mine. Her shirt was covered in hay, and her eyes looked worn.
"Oh just another romance book," I shrugged. She looked at me with one of those oh-really looks. "Well it is!" She took the book from my hands. Her eyes looked at the cover, the back, and the pages.
"Macy, you've read this book hundreds of times! You need to put it on your 'read shelf'."
"But Twilight is a classic!" She looked at me, and I looked at her.
"Fine, I'm not the boss of you. But you will get tired of it eventually." I looked at the cover. Ever since I had read this book, I changed my mind about fiction books. I had wanted vampires, goblins, fairies, and magical powers to be real.
"Well," I put up my book," are we going to go exploring or not?" She smiled her wry smile and stood up.
"Let's get a move on!" And I followed her into the woods.
I woke up at ten, ready to go exploring in the forest. I pulled on my clothes, and gathered my cloak. I was about to get out the door but then I herd a creek on the floor. I hurried back to my room and went back in bed. My dad came in and as soon as he came in he was out. I got back out of bed and sneaked down the hall way. I came to the door and left. I ran through the kingdom, being sure for no one to recognize me. If someone was to recognize me I may get trampled on, chased after, or worse. The King's son was like a movie star, all the girls wanted to be queen, so they chased me. It's very hard for the King or Prince to leave the castle. Lucky for me that it was harvesting day. So all the young girls, and their mothers, had to work.
I saw my friends gathered at our secret hiding spot. Every time I was about to leave they would have to know so that they could tell the King what I was "up to". Usually they had to lie for me because no one was supposed to be out of the kingdom.
"Going out again," asked Jovi. He already knew the answer, but the others were a bit slow. I nodded, the group started to fall apart. They went back to their homes, waiting for the king to barge in and ask where I was.
I put on my cloak and ran to the gate. It wasn't guarded because we knew who would come in and out. No human, forest animal, or creature could come in without us knowing. I loved to explore the human forest; it had plants that my father didn't even know.
I jumped over the gate, and ran into the forest. The sun was gleaming through the balcony of trees. For some reason I felt lighter today, happier. I wanted to see Macy again. I was practically skipping through the forest, but then I herd laughter. That was the only dangerous thing in the woods, being seen by humans. They could see us, but we couldn't do magic around them. It was too risky. I was now walking, I didn't care being seen. I occasionally passed a human in the forest, but they just waved and carried about their business. The laughter grew louder and louder as I neared the big oak tree. I walked towards it. I looked on the other side and saw two girls, one with red hair, and the other had blond hair and blue eyes. The blond one looked at me and right then and there I knew it was Macy. Her face and mine grew red.
This beautiful brown haired boy just came out of no where. He was dressed like the books I read, cloak, old boots; all the things when Queen Elizabeth ruled. It was like he was going to a Medieval convention, but it didn't really matter. His hair was brown, and so were his eyes. His face was blindingly beautiful. He blushed, and so did I.
"Excuse me," Alys waved her hand in front of my face impatiently. She broke the gaze; I stared at her giving her the face. She just smiled; the boy didn't understand the little exchange. She nudged me in the shoulder.
"Oh, hi my name is Macy," he stared at me. He looked familiar, but couldn't put a finger on it.
"My name is Jonathan," he smiled. I smiled back.
"Well we were going to explore the forest, do you want to join us," Alys asked. She knew I wouldn't ask, and maybe he would say yes.
"Umm sure," we started walking. He followed us; we have been through the forest a hundred times. We had marked the trees with Alys' pocket knife, so if we got lost then we could find our way back. Jonathan seemed to know his way around, because he was leading us.
"So you go into the woods, too," I asked. I knew there wasn't going to be a conversation starting up any time soon, so I decided to pop a question.
"Yea, my dad doesn't like it that much though; he doesn't want me to leave home." He seemed sad about his father.
"My grandma doesn't care; she would actually want me to go into the forest." He turned around and looked at me.
"I think I know your grandma, is her name Opal?" I stared blankly at him for a moment, I remembered in my dream there was a boy that looked exactly like him. He was climbing out of a window.
"Uh, yea, her name is Opal," my head crooked at a side. He knew I knew something, so he turned around.
"It's getting dark, I need to go." It was six; I realized I had to go home at six thirty.
"Well I'll see you around Jonathan," Alys said with a smile. She turned and grabbed my hand, leading us back to our houses.
"Bye Jonathan," I said shyly.
After she left I practically skipped all the way to the kingdom. I still remember her face, that beautiful hair. She was wearing the necklace, it matched her perfectly. The kingdom was appearing out of the mist. My heart was beating fast by the adrenaline, and after seeing Macy.
I jumped over the gate, just like this morning. Everyone was in they're houses, except for a few. I saw Jovi helping his little brother batter out the rugs. He waved at me; I waved back and ran as fast as I could. I ran to the castle to see my dad at his desk. Sorting papers, and signing papers. Making laws, and approving laws. But always keeping track of time. He looked up from his paper, just for a moment, to see who I was.
"Out again," he asked.
"Only for a few hours."
"But of course, that is what mortals say. Don't they?"
"So have you been around them lately?"
"Is that a lie?" We can tell if someone is lying, the keyword is body language.
"No father."
"Hmm," he looked at me again. "Oh well, you are a teenager," I sighed in relief. He continued with his work. I walked to my room and shut the door. I heard talking in the other room. A dark voice, which was my father, and a higher voice. The higher voice, I think, is a messenger. All the messengers in the kingdom are girls, my age. Father is always talking to them. It sounded urgent, that was very rare.
I went to my bed and laid on top of the covers, slowly drifting off.
Alys and me rode to the road were we had to split up.
"Bye Macy," Alys waved.
"Bye." I rode back to my house in silence. 6:28, right one time.
When I got inside Grandma Opal's home cooking filled the room. She was in the kitchen, Gigi and Kiki by her side.
"Did you have fun Macy," she asked. Her hair curled around her face in a way you wouldn't think was possible. She didn't look old at all, she looked quite young actually.
"Yes, I met a very nice boy. He was my age," I smiled. I remembered the way he looked, very handsome. His hair was brown, wavy, but not long. It was exactly the right length. I sighed. Grandma Opal looked at me curiously, coking her head to the said, the way that dogs do.
"Oh? And what is this boy's name?"
I sighed again, "Jonathan." Her face went pail, she looked unhealthy. I supposed she knew who he was. "Do you know him Grandma?"
"It's an old friend's son," she busied herself with cutting the tomatoes. "Do you mind getting the mail?" She had changed the subject; I guess she didn't want to talk anymore about Jonathan.
"Sure." I ran to the door, opening it. Gigi and Kiki followed me out. I went to get the mail, wondering who Jonathan's father was. If Grandma Opal knew him then they must live nearby. I continued down the driveway to the mail box. Opening it, I found a letter that was addressed to me. It was very rare for me to have a letter. It felt heavy, almost as if it had something in it. I opened the letter. And there, in the envelope, was a silver necklace with a rose pendant.

The End

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