Chapter 2Mature

"We better go. It's getting late. Archie's had a long day!" My Mum hugs Marie.

"Thanks for coming." She opens the door, and pecks me on the cheek as I walk past.

"Oh, bye," I mutter, still clutching the necklace between both my hands. I stumble over a slab of pavement as I am too engrossed of the wonders of the life inside this necklace. I rub a graze on my ankle, and a tingle fills through my supple hand which is holding the shiny object.

What the?

Questions run through my mind as my eyebrows knit together in utter confusement. I have no idea of what just happened. I jump into the back of our maroon Renault Scenic, eyes not to be taken off of the necklace. The old car roars into life and we set off back home.

I have taken this route many times before, so there is no need to stare at the breathtaking scenery that we pass. I can remember it, canopies dripping refreshing, transparent droplets of water onto the grass, which tiny sparkling crystals of ice are dotted over. Dull greens are soon given life by jade green leaves and pink and purple pansies, making the whole scene burst into colour. Squirrels are spotted on the occasion, lurking into the what seemed endless tangle of green. I know there is one there, scurrying through the woodlands, just from a peripheral glance. Soon, though, our breath is regained as we trail off onto a bigger road, leaving behind all kinds of wonderful moments that could have been captured there. My gaze is still not broke from the metal cupped in my hands.

I kick open my bedroom door as we arrive home. I bite my bottom lip, unsure of what to do with this thing, and I did not know why it had taken me into its wonderful atmosphere so much. I force a sharp, rusty, drawing pin into my black wall that stands opposite my bed. I take the necklace, hanging it swiftly, closely observing the fact that it was hung straight. I push myself away from the wall, and I fall onto my bed, the white duvet jumping up around me; as if it was caught in surprise.

My eyelids turn heavy. My mind screams at me.

'Stay awake. Don't take your eyes off of it. STAY AWAKE!'

This voice in my head startles me. First off, I don't expect it coming, and second, it isn't mine. Not my voice. It isn't my minds voice either - It sounds kind of ghostly. The voice wavers, shifting between octaves. I think nothing of it, much too tired, and drift into unconsciousness. After all - I can't stay awake forever.

The End

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