The Necklace.Mature

I sit on the sofa, eyes glinting in oblivion. The music that is blaring from my step dad's iPod fades out in my head. Figures run around me, screaming and laughing, and dancing in time to the music. My arm falls onto the brown leather sofa. This, was my cousin's seventh birthday party. My eyes follow shadows, and one is soon stalked into the dining room. As the birthday boy, Archie, runs past the curtain, his finger opens it a bit, reflecting just a tad of light onto something shiny laying on the dresser in the corner. I lift myself up and stride over to the dresser. My eyes scan the walnut wood and soon find a necklace. I really like it - It is really my kind of style. I wonder whose it is. A big circle of silver metal sits in my hands. It has a strange engraving on it, like some sort of African pattern. My eyes are lost in it's strangeness, like it has me under it's charm. Two brown pieces of string fall off either side of it, plastic beads are being relied on to hold it together. I grip it tightly in my hands. Shielding myself, I run through herds of children.

"Is this your necklace?" I ask Marie, my aunt. This is her house.

"Nope," She replies, tossing food around in a pan. The smell finds its way to my nose, instantly making me hungry. I pick up a slice of cake, and take a bite, soon to place it back down on the worktop.

"Well - Do you know whose it is?"

"No, I've never seen it before in my life," She says, her gaze locking onto the necklace, just as I had done forty seconds ago.

"Oh - Okay then," I say, dodging more children as I run into the corridor, where I find my Mum.

"Hey, Mum, do you know whose necklace this is?" I hesitate. I'd never seen it on her before. "It's not yours, is it?"

"No. But I recognize it," She says, taking hold of it. "I'm sure I've seen it before." She twists it around in her hands.

As I take it back, I speed through the house asking everyone whose it could be, or if it is theirs. Jimmy, my uncle, says he recognizes it too. Whose strange necklace is this? And how has it appeared out of nowhere? I like it , so I tie it around my neck. It suits me, lots of people say as I walk past. I know this mystery will continue.

The End

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