So I think it is safe to assume that your curious little mind is wondering what is a Tooob invasion fleet doing orbiting my planet? Well, if you're not wondering that, then I am wondering why you are not pondering such a situation. But if you are, excellent! I was just about to tell you why. 

I do not know how much or how little you fine people know about ( I actually do, but I am trying to appear modest, is it working? ) the Universe. But there is a certain rare commodity that was thought to be all but extinct, until it was discovered between the borders of a country on a continent between two oceans on your planets surface, to be one hundred percent accurate, it was found buried between two trees marked on an old weather worn piece of paper which indicated its location using a massive X. Yes, much to your joy and that of Long John Silvers, the X on the map actually means something. 

Anyway, the crossing of these two lines showed the location of  the Ohce. Now Oche is the echoed remnants of a rare solar metal called Ytinasni, the Neptunians discovered it so they of course gave it the odd name. Quite a queer bunch. No! Not queer like that. God... What happened to you creatures. Queer as in odd, strange, weird, the original dictionary definition. I won't go Stephen Fry on you ( Just for the record he is a Plutonian { Plutonians are highly intelligent creatures with a taste for the abstract, obscure and obtuse }) And god help you if you don't know who Stephen Fry is... 

I thought we agreed my ramblings were a no no? Why do you dear reader, scholar, seeker of the Universal Truths, put up with such nonsense? Oche is used in making particle accelerating Neptunian Turbo Ships, or P.A.N.T.S for short. Yes! It abbreviates to pants... However, these ships were used in travelling through rifts in space, black holes, dimensional worm holes and time. My one, right here behind me. Raises hand and bangs the invisible outer shell. Is one of just a few remaining, and if it wasn't for this damned vehicle, you would still be able to gaze gleefully at your second moon... 

The End

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