A Mighty Fine EclipseMature

A Tooob ship. I am not entirely sure how to begin describing a Tooob ship. They vary so much, just like the cars on the road or the people on a street. The colour seems to be the only continuing factor. A rustic brown. Boring I know. You would think inter galactic travelers would have a little more imagination and not use a rustic brown, like don't get me wrong a colour is a colour but seriously, brown. A bit boring.

That is one thing you humans have taught me, never be boring. Hell you people even make biscuits exciting. Dunking them in tea, brilliant! 

However, yes, the ships... Ahem... Anyway. As you might be able to imagine, they were all the eye ( Another fantastic Human.... thing. Really amazing the eye. It shouldn't really work at all! Sorry... ) could see. A large brown  sky. It would have just looked like an eclipse to anyone on the planets surface. A mighty fine one too. 

The lead ship, if Tooob even have lead ship, looked slightly like... Ok, you know when you cut your toe nails? And if you have left it a while there is always a biggish piece that gets clipped off and is kinda like a banana in sha.... A banana. They looked like large rustic brown bananas. No joke, seriously. I would be lying if I told you, whoever you are, that I didn't laugh the first time I saw one. Mind you, it was decommissioned and on display, so not nearly as dangerous... 

... I am now giving you, the reader, a mission. Stop letting me ramble on about random stuff that needs not be discussed. Can you do that? Because if you cannot, I fear I might never finish telling this story. And that means I cannot even start on the stuff about other worlds and suns, galaxies, black holes and the rest. So, have we got a deal human? 

The End

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