The TooobMature

I'll start these tales with a failure. My own failure. I wish to apologize now before you hear of the terrible consequences that came about because of my mistake, I am sorry. 

I am sure you're aware of the moon that orbits your little planet? Well, the fact is, there used to be two of them. Now I know what you're thinking. What? Two moons? Are you friggin' (If you're not an American teenage girl ignore the friggin' ) joking? Well sadly no, I am not joking. Your planet had two moons. 

The one that was destroyed was smaller than the one that can still be seen today. It was about half the size, but it was made of a rare star stone called hyacintho. It glowed with a radiant blue shine. Truly magnificent. I am sure it would have made your jaw drop. 

However, about seven hundred years ago a hostile scouting party landed on the second moon, we called it Rohtua before it was destroyed. The scouts were of Tooob heritage, a vile slug like race, they are slow but very powerful. They wear a tough armour that is crafted to their skin when they are just a larvae, it grows with them and forms a tough exterior. 

Most of the race is now in solar confinement for their crimes, most of which is too disgusting to talk about. 

Sorry, getting side tracked, we can talk about that later. It turns out anyway, that these scouts were the first of an invasion fleet. Now, when I say a fleet, I really mean a massive fleet. Thousands of inter galactic ships and millions of soldiers. Not to mention the bombs and A.I machines they have. The human race would have been annihilated before they even reached the industrial revolution... 

The End

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