The WritersMature

Not all the children if the Universe are born free. It is not exactly a humans perception of slavery, but it is not freedom. The same could be said that not all the Universes offspring were created to dominate, but some are. It was not exactly how the Writers intended. 

They wished for Unity. Complete and utter equality. No matter what race or species, age or sex. Unity was their plan. It represented everything good. From the smallest plant to the largest creatures of the seas.

Divinity was the polar opposite. Everything has an opposite, another side, a far away counter part. Divinity was the opposite to Unity. Divinity made sure Unity could never work. The Writers greatest....

Oh I am sorry, I do forget. Excuse my manners. You have no idea who the writers are do you? Humans have their 'Gods', correct yes? Well the Writers created the concept of a 'god'. They designed the deities worshiped on your planet. They, the Writers that is, are the closest one can come to a 'God'. 

Every Galaxy with a star has a Writer. They live in them, right in the center. From there they craft the lives of everything in their realms. 

So even now, as you read these words in whatever language your tongue prefers, it is not exactly your choice. The Writer of your galaxy wrote the story of your life a millenia before your birth. Yeah, they like to plan ahead. 

Sadly though my life is not quite as planned as yours. I am something that travels between the Worlds, my species blank out the unplanned works of the Writers. We are referred to as simply, the Editors. 

We obviously cannot pick and choose what the Writers write, but we get rid of anything that shouldn't be there. The 13 of us fight the blotches on the Universes story, the spelling mistakes and the grammatical errors. 

It is more exciting then it sounds. I do promise. Just wait and see. Wait and see. 

The End

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