The Nearly Universal Universe TalesMature

It is said that the universe began with a bang, which would have been undoubtedly loud if one could have heard it. Now, as your instincts would suggest to you, momentarily, I am going to be lying on my next remark. Ladies and gentleman, I am not lying. I was their, and it was very, ear poppingly loud, but surprisingly peaceful looking.

Now I can see you sitting there, yes I can actually see you sitting there in your chair or lying down, reading this and thinking Hold on, he was there? Yes, I was there. All those many, many, many, many, many, many years ago. 

For some of you people, time and space my be slightly difficult to comprehend. For instance the fact that the center of the universe is always looking out into the past might slightly confuse you. Or how gravity works, or neutron stars, or black holes or pulsars or how there are mightier beings than Humans out there ( No lie there, I have met every single one of them, ish ) 

The point is, turn away now, or click the back button, they were invented for this very reason. Some tales are told that you are not ready for, and I might have many tales that you, Sir or Madame, are not ready for. 

But mark this page, watch this space, keep one eye focused here, because maybe one day a tale I tell will not be too much for you. It might press your button, flick your switch, play your tune and when it does, well lets just say you don't want to miss a moment that resonates your frequency, now do we? 

The End

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