The Native Who Needed To Change

A lost generation sees a light on helping their community, a young teen wanting to walk the red road but is full of anger. When his attitude changes after a healing ceremony he tries to help his people by burning a store down that makes money off of Indian misery.

"Hey Little Crow?" asked Big Man.

     "What do you want?" asked Little Crow getting annoyed.

"Nothing I just wanted to talk to you," said Big Man.

     "About what?" asked Little Crow.

"Oh where to begin, lets start with where you stole my squaw," said Big Man.

     "Your squaw?" asked Little Crow.

"Yes," said Big Man.

     "I don't remember, matter of fact she likes me more than she does you," said Little Crow.

"What could she possibly see in you, do you think she wants to be with a half-breed, who's daddy is a white man," said Big Man.

     "You need to learn when to shut up," said Little Crow getting angry.

"Lets go then half-breed outside," said Big Man walking outside.

     So Little Crow and Big Man started fighting. They both pulled out their knives and started swinging them at each other. Big Man almost cut Little Crow, but ended up cutting his sleeve on his shirt. Little Crow cut Big Man in the arm and he was bleeding. Then they both dropped their knives and started throwing punches at each other. Finally two male teachers came running out of the building and stopped them. They told them both to go to the principals office and they did.

"Alright, Big Man go see the nurse, who started it?" asked Principal Greg Tail Feather.

"Big Man, he always starts it, I always finish it," said Little Crow.

"I am going to call your parents and his as well" said Principal Greg Tail Feather.

        As he was making the call, Little Crow's big brother was walking to the office to copy some papers. When he looked in the window he saw Little Crow.

"Little Crow this has to stop," said Kicking Bird.

"Big Man started it," said Little Crow.

"There is a better way of handling a situation, go see the Principal or a teacher," said Kicking Bird.

"Yes, you can always come and see me," said Principal Greg Tail Feather.

"See, just go to him, you don't have to fight," said Kicking Bird.

"Brother we've been fighting our hole lives, its in our blood," said Little Crow.

"Lets talk, why do you hate the white eyes so much?" asked Greg Tail Feather.

"They took everything from us, they took what they had no right to take," said Little Crow.

"It was not these people that stole from us, it was their ancestors, this is a hole new century cousin, a hole new generation, so make the most of it," said principal Greg Tail Feather. "Your father is waiting on you."

        So they walked out to the car and got in and drove home.

"Son,"said Rocky Crow.

"Father," Little Crow said in sarcastic.

"Care to explain?" asked Rocky Crow.

"Big Man started it, and I finished, end of story," said Little Crow.

"Son, Principal Greg Tail Feather told me," said Rocky Crow.

"I know, alright, he gave me a long lecture, like Grandfather would have given me," said Little Crow crossing his arms.

"One day brother, you're going to have to grow up," said Kicking Bird.

When they arrived home, there mother, White Dove was cooking.

"Oh, Little Crow, your Grandfather wants you to walk with him," said White Dove.

"Why?" asked Little Crow dipping his fry bread in a pot of chilly.

"He wants to tell you a story," said White Dove.

"Can't," said Little Crow.

"Can't or wont," said White Dove crossing her arms.

"Got things to do, cant he find someone else to tell his stupid story to," said Little Crow.

"What are you going to do, get into trouble on the Rez, stories are not stupid, they are what holds us all together," said White Dove.

"Whatever," Little Crow walking out and slamming the screen door from behind. He saw his Grandfather sleeping in the chair outside, he quietly walked passed him.

"I've been waiting for you," smiled Grandfather.

"Ah man," Little Crow said under his breath.

"Things have changed I can see it in your eyes," said Grandfather.

"How's that, that I am at war with the white man," said Little Crow.

"The truth was always the truth, you have to loose yourself before you find yourself," said Grandfather wisely.

"I can't find crap, its all decided for me," said Little Crow raising his voice.

"Are you done whining?" asked Grandfather walking away.

"Where are we going?" asked Little Crow.

"To the past," said Grandfather.

          So they went walking out to the plains and sat down on the grass.

"My grandson, I am going to tell you a story...." said Grandfather.

"I don't need stories grandpa, I got problems," said Little Crow.

"Ah your pitiful ," said Grandfather.

      So Little Crow got quiet and let his Grandfather tell his story.

"A long time ago their were three "ozuyes" (warriors) in the Lakota language. "Out on the plains, they were letting their horses drink from a stream. When their horses stopped drinking the men saw a log cabin across the stream. So they rode up real slow and stopped, the door started to slowly open. A couple came out, they had no weapons but only a black book they called the Bible.

"Would ya'll like to come inside and eat with us?" asked Shawn motioning his hand to come inside.

          The warrior's looked at each other and got off their horses  and went inside.

"What brings you here to our home?" asked Shawn.

"We came to give our horses water," said Spotted Tail.

"Is there more of you?" asked Becky.

"Hin sota" (yes, many), their are more of us," Spotted Tail said in the Lakota language.

"Can we go and see?" asked Shawn.

"We will take you," said the second warrior.

       So the warriors went outside, Shawn and Becky saddled up their horses and followed the warriors. When they arrived at the village they were amazed at what they saw," said Grandfather.

"Big deal, times have changed grandpa," said Little Crow.

"Times maybe, but people haven't, it was not these people that stole our lands grandson, it was their ancestors, these people now want to be connected," said Grandfather.

"I have to go, we can finish it later," said Little Crow leaving his Grandfather sitting on the grass.

Little Crow walked to Pete Chasing Horse's house and sat down on the steps with him.

"How's it?" asked Little Crow handing him some smokes.

"Pilamaya" (thank you)," Pete Chasing Horse said in the Lakota language.

"Things have changed, what's up?" asked Pete Chasing Horse.

"I think "ecktomy" is playing with me?" asked Little Crow.

"Most people thing of "ecktomy" as coming in a form of a spider, some offering of charliechapacto would be a good start and make some tobacco ties, if things don't get better, I'll hold a healing ceremony for. Remember human beings don't control anything, spirits do," said Pete Chasing Horse.

So he went home and did what Pete Chasing Horse asked him to do. Then he went into the living room and started watching the news.

"Well, do you feel better?" asked Rocky Crow.

"I don't know, we will see tomorrow I guess," said Little Crow.

"Washte" (good)," Rocky Crow said in the Lakota language.

"Well goodnight, school tomorrow," said Little Crow going into his room.

"Goodnight son," said Rocky Crow.

"Oh what are we going to do with him?" asked White Dove

"You can sell him, I wander how much you'd get over in Rapid," laughed Kicking Bird.

"Son," said Rocky Crow.

"He's your brother, what he needs to do is, spend more time with Grandfather," said White Dove.

"Yeah, that's true, but he is not going to do that, he likes doing things his way," said Kicking Bird. "He calls it the warriors way."

"Well to bad, he is going to do it whether he likes it or not," said White Dove.

"Alright lets go to bed, its getting late," said Rocky Crow.

So they all went to bed.

Next  morning, it was time to get up and ready for school. They got dressed and ran out the door to the bus stop and waited on the bus.

"Hey Little Crow, how's it?" asked White Eagle.

"Washte, tokhesk he ya un he" (good, how are you)? asked Little Crow in the Lakota language.

"Washte" (good)," said White Eagle in the Lakota language.

Then the bus arrived and they stepped on and walked to the back of the bus and sat down.

"Well, its the nerds sitting with the cool kids, who said you could sit back here?" asked Matthew in a rude voice.

"I did, he is my brother, I suggest you turn around and sit down," said Kicking Bird.

"Ooh, I am so scared, I am shaking in my boots," said Matthew smiling and laughing.

"He said turn around white eyes," said Little Crow.

"White eyes, look who's talking half-breed," said Matthew. "You make look like an Indian, but inside your as much as a white man then me I am also a half-breed. you don't belong with your people or mine, that's why the other Indian kids call you Apple, right."

"Your very lucky I don't have anything in my hands to shut that big mouth of yours," said Little Crow in anger.

"Alright boys that's enough, Matthew turn around now," yelled the Indian bus driver.

Matthew just chuckled and smiled, then he turned around.

Little Crow smiled and borrowed some glue from a kid and poured some on Matthew's head. Then the bus came to a stop at the school, Kicking Bird got off the bus shaking his head. Little Crow quickly smacked Matthew in the head, smearing the glue on his head.

"Sorry, you had  a bug on your head, but no worries, I got it," Little Crow and his friends leaving the bus and going into the school.

Little Crow quickly went to the restroom and cleaned his hands and went back to his class room. In the hall everybody started to point and laugh.

"What are ya'll  laughing at?" asked Matthew in anger.

A freshmen girl handed him a mirror, when he saw the glue on his head. His face turned red, he was very angry.

"LITTLE CROW!" shouted Matthew.

In Little Crow's classroom everybody started laughing and giggling.

Matthew went to the restrooms to wash his head off of the glue and went to class.

"That was great, nobody has ever done that to him in a long time," said a boy in Little Crow's class.

"Yeah, you can't let them walk all over you," said Little Crow.

"That's true," said  the boy.

Then they started to do vocabulary until the bell rang. Then the bell rang and everybody went to the cafeteria. As Little Crow and his friends were headed towards the door, Kicking Bird was standing there with his arms crossed and shaking his head.

"What?" asked Little Crow.

"You know what, he is really mad now, that was very childish of you to do," said Kicking Bird.

"So, he should be mad, he needs to know who he is dealing with," said Little Crow.

"Brother you need to grow up," said Kicking Bird leaving.

"What ever," said Little Crow.

They went through the lunch line getting their food. As Little Crow was walking towards his table, he saw Matthew stick his foot out to trip him.

"Nice try white eye," smiled Little Crow.

Little Crow's friends started laughing and sat down and started eating. Matthew was very angry, so he put some mash potatoes on a spoon and flicked it at Little Crow, but he moved and it ended up hitting Ivy, White Eagle's girlfriend in the face.

"Again, nice try, but you owe my friend here an apology," Little Crow turning around and went to Matthew's table.

" I meant to hit you, but you moved, so it is what it is," said Matthew smiling.

"Stand up now," said Little Crow.

"Why?" asked Matthew.

Little Crow grabbed Matthew by the collar of his shirt and stood him up.

"Now your going to apologize to my friend," demanded Little Crow.

"Get your hands off me, I am not apologizing to no one," Matthew trying to get away.

Ivy's boyfriend, White Eagle got up and walked over towards Matthew.

"Your going to apologize to my woman, I'll brake your arm if you don't," said White Eagle.

"No," said Matthew.

White Eagle grabbed Matthew's arm and pulled it behind him and liftied his arm up until he said he was sorry.

"Now bring him over to Ivy," said Little Crow smiling.

"Apologize!," shouted White Eagle.

"Ouch!, ouch!," Matthew said in pain. " I am sorry."

"Thank you for the apology," said Ivy.

"Let him go!" shouted Kicking Bird from across the cafeteria.

"Let him go," nodded Little Crow.

So White Eagle let him go.

"Brother this stops now, lets go!" shouted Matthew.

 "Where are we walking to?" asked Little Crow.

"Were going to see Pete Chasing Horse," Kicking Bird getting annoyed and angry.

When they arrived, Pete was already waiting, he was sitting on his porch steps.

"Ready to get "ecktomy" off your back?" asked Pete Chasing Horse.

So he showed them to the back of the house and they went inside the sweat lodge.

"Haw" (hello) Little Crow, I'm glad you came here today, we all know why you are here, so all of us in here were going to gather our minds, were going to make our minds an hearts and our prayers as one, and were all going to pray for this young man, were going to help him to see and to hear the things that he needs to hear and that he needs to see, so at this time were going to pray," said Pete Chasing Horse.

So they did the healing ceremony and went on their way feeling washed, and great. They went home.

"Well, how do you feel?" asked Rocky Crow.

"Different, but we will see tomorrow," said Little Crow sitting down at the table.

"You'll be fine, I promise," said Kicking Bird.

Then their mother came home from work and started cooking, they were all sitting at the table.

"How was work honey?" asked White Dove.

"They let me go," said Rocky Crow.

"What? why?" asked White Dove.

"I don't know, but I am going to find another job, maybe braking horses on a ranch in Arizona or something," said Rocky Crow.

"That might be to far," said White Dove.

"I know, but I have to put food on the table as well, not just you," said Rocky Crow.

"Well its ready," said White Dove.

So they started eating, and it was late, so they helped cleaned up and went to bed.

 Next morning it was time to get up and get ready for school, again, they rushed out the door and ran to the bus stop and waited on the bus. White Eagle and Ivy walked over and stood next to them.

"How do you feel?" asked Ivy.

"Washte" (good)," Little Crow said in the Lakota language.

"Good, here comes Matthew," said White Eagle.

"I hope I can do this?" asked Little Crow.

"You can," smiled Kicking Bird.

"Haw" (hello)," said Little Crow in the Lakota language.

"Haw" (hello)," Matthew said in a surprised manner.

      Then they got on the bus and went to the back and sat down. Matthew looked back at Little Crow with confusion. Then the bus came to a stop at the school and all the kids got off and went inside the building.

"Okay, what is going on with you, did you fall off of a horse and hit your head?" asked Matthew.

"I've never been on a horse to fall off of a horse," said Little Crow.

"Why are you being nice and talking to me?" asked Matthew looking around. "Did you do something to me."

"No, my blood is good now, no more fighting," said Little Crow.

"What? did you turn into a flower child all of a sudden?" asked Matthew.

"No its still me, I just fight when I have to," said Little Crow.

        Matthew just looked at Little Crow and walked away to class.

"See told you, you could do it," said Kicking Bird.

"Yeah I did good," said Little Crow.

"Now lets go to class," said Kicking Bird.

        So they went to their separate class rooms.

"Alright class open your books to page 509. were going to learn about plants today?" asked the teacher.

        So they read out loud,  answered questions, did vocabulary until the end of class. Then the bell rang and it was time for lunch. As they went through the lunch line, Matthew was just starring at Little Crow with confusion. Then they walked to their table and sat down.

"How long is Matthew going to stare at you?" asked Ivy.

"He's still staring?" asked Little Crow.

"Yes, very hard, if he stares any longer he'll go blind," said Ivy.

Kicking Bird watched Little Crow get up from his table and walked over to Matthew.

"Alright what's going on?" asked Little Crow.

"Why are you being nice, and again talking nice to me all of a sudden?" asked Matthew.

"My blood is good, I understand now, I am starting to see things clearly, so no more fighting," said Little Crow.

"I still don't like you," said Matthew.

"That's okay, I don't like you either, but no more fighting," said Little Crow walking away.

     Then the bell rang and everybody threw there trays away and went to class. Little Crow and his friends were walking in the hall way.

"That was a good thing you did," said White Eagle.

"It felt good, I wasn't mad or angry," said Little Crow.

"That's good," said Ivy.

      Then they walked inside, the teacher was gone, Matthew was bullying another kid.

"Hey, come on man, leave him alone, and give him his stuff back?" asked Little Crow.

"No," said Matthew.

"Let him go, or I'll twist your arm again," said White Eagle.

 "White Eagle," said Ivy.

      Everybody stood up in class and stood by the walls.

"So are you going to let him go?" asked White Eagle.

      The teacher, and Principal Greg Tail Feather and a keynote speaker were looking through the small glass window in the door. Matthew finally let the kid go, and gave him his stuff back. Then the teacher and Principal Greg Tail Feather came walking inside.

"Matthew lets go," said Principal Greg Tail Feather.

"Alright class settle down, everything is alright now, today were having a keynote speaker here today with us, so be on your best behavior," said the teacher.

"Hello class, my name is Red Deer, were going to talk about ways that you guys can help your people and your community. Any questions? Okay what would ya'll do to help your community?" asked Red Deer.

"I would help rebuild homes, with running hot water, and put a gas heater in there to stay warm, help them find a job and stick with it, and stop living poorly, because there is so much out there that we don't even know or want to discover it, were so caught up in the past and hating the Government and white eyes that we choose to live this way and not try to make things right, we were once a proud people, now were the ones wanting people to feel sorry for us cause we choose to live this way," said Little Crow.

"Yeah, we blame all our troubles on Custer and not even try to make it right, the elders always tell me that it wasn't these people that stole our lands it was their ancestors. We blame everything on the whites today over something that happened a long time ago. Were the ones that should be blaming ourselves, for our children going to bed hungry, and living in poor houses that are falling apart, its called a job to get all that fixed. But then again, if they did get one, then they would spend all the money on beer instead of fixing there homes and putting food on the table for their children, its sad when some of these kids parents get drunk and then they say "your not my child, I disown you" now that hurts for a child to hear there own parents tell them that. We have a lot of people coming in and helping us, giving us clothes and other stuff, but we just throw it back in their faces and say we don't need your help," said Ivy.

"That's because they are living in the past, and at one time we did know how to live right, but now, we live so poorly and discusting conditions, if our ancestors came back and saw how we live today, we would probably be ashamed. They all drink and do drugs, because there is nothing here, but if they see how you guys are changing all that, then maybe there will be something here," said Red Deer.

"Lets do that, lets go to the center tomorrow since it will be Saturday tomorrow," said Little Crow.

"Yeah, we can go to the center tomorrow since its Saturday," said Ivy.

"Yeah," said White Eagle.

"Good, that's a good start," said Red Deer.

Then the bell rang and everybody walked outside and went to the bust stops and went home.

"How was school?" asked White Dove.

"Washte" (good), were going to change our community," said Little Crow.

"That's great son," said Rocky Crow.

"Is Grandfather home?" asked Little Crow.

"Yes," said White Dove.

Little Crow walked outside and went over to is Grandfathers house and went inside.

"I am ready now," said Little Crow.

So he sat down on the floor like a little child getting ready for a story.

"When Shawn and Becky arrived at the Lakota village, the chief was waiting to greet them and welcomed them to his home, he showed them around the camp.

"This place is amazing," said Shawn.

"Please stay "kola" (friend), we would like to adopt you and your "winyan" (woman) into our nation are tribe?" asked the Chief.

"Its a bad idea, there is going to be trouble, war, when the blue coats find us here, they are going to think you kidnapped us," said Shawn.

"But we can help you survive, especially in the winter time," said the Chief.

"We will stay," smiled Shawn and looking around.

So the Chief showed them more and was teaching them the language as well, he told them there will come a time where there will be blood spread on this land," said Grandfather.

"Why did they take our land, why couldn't we share it and live together as one?" asked Little Crow.

"Greed, also played a roll on us as well, we didn't want to share neither did they, so we fought over it, because either side would not share, and they thought there was gold as well, but there was not, so both sides died over land and gold that wasn't even there, and fear," said Grandfather.

"Oh," said Little Crow.

"Yes, now as Shawn and Becky were adopted into the Lakota nation. Becky was with the women down by the stream, a woman looked up and saw a "waschia" (white man). They all ran into the camp, the warriors grabbed there weapons and, the white men started firing, Shawn and the warriors started fighting both sides were either killed or injured. The whites even killed Shawn, because to them, he was no longer a white eye, but an Indian," said Grandfather.

"So you see Grandson, not all whites are bad, they try to help us be will not allow them to, see Shawn could have went home. But he died as a Lakota warrior," said Grandfather.

"Like the red headed Kiowa Indian, he was a white boy captured by the Indians and he became one of them, and he died as a Kiowa and went back to the same Mother," said Little Crow.

"That's right my grandson," said Grandfather.

"Were going to change our community, and make a better place," said Little Crow.

"You can put C4 up George Washington's nose, it will get a good laugh, maybe that's what our people need is a good laugh," said Grandfather.

"No, I am not going to do that, but I am going to burn the liquor story in White Clay, maybe that will help our people," said Little Crow. "Thanks Grandfather" Little Crow running out of the house and went home and went to bed. Next morning he called a meeting at the center

"Alright, I have a couple of ideas, were going to help the younger ones go to school and stay in school, or go back to school, and help others get jobs and to keep them. One more thing, the drinking, it has to stop, that's what's really doing the damage to our people, so this job is a one person job, and that is why I am doing it. I am going to burn the liquor store down in White Clay," said Little Crow.

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, what? are you kidding me, burn down the liquor store, how are you going to do that," said White Eagle.

"Easy, I'm going to do it at night, time when people or to drunk to stand," said Little Crow.

"I don't know, its to dangerous," said Ivy.

"I know," said Little Crow.

"Alright, but all of us in here promise not to tell anyone or anybody," said White Eagle.

"Thanks you guys are good friends," said Little Crow.

So they walked out of the center and walked around the rez a little, and then went home.

It was late when they got home. So they went to sleep. Everybody was sleeping except Little Crow.

 Little Crow quickly got up and put all black clothes on, and painted his face black. He looked like a "wanagie" (dark Ghost Spirit). He snuck out of his window and went to his Grandfathers shed and got gasoline and a lighter that he left on his little table, and he jumped on a horse and rode to White Clay.

When he found the liquor store on his left he went further away and tied his horse up to a tree and walked over to the store. He broke the window, and quickly poured the gasoline inside and out side of the building and threw the jug inside. Then he lit the place on fire and threw the lighter in there as well and quickly rode away back to the Rez. When he got home, he put his Grandfathers pony back in the shed and went home. He slept out side of his window.

Next morning, he quickly jumped up and crawled in his window and went to the bathroom and took a shower, he also put his clothes in there with him as well to wash them also, then he got out and dressed and went to sit at the table.

Rocky Crow turned the television on and the news came on.

"Somebody burned the liquor store in White Clay," said Rocky Crow. "Maybe somebody got tired of seeing the whites making money off of Indian misery."

"Good, somebody finally put a stop to it," said Kicking Bird.

"Its about time," said Little Crow.

"Who ever done it, thinks he solved the problem, but they will just rebuild another one, twice as big as that one was, and make even more money," said Rocky Crow.

"No, but that is why I am here, and my younger generation is going to help our people and our community," said Little Crow going out side and looking at the sun.


The End

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