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A new story i just come up with about a girl named Nancy, and her 'blog' so to speak.

Once upon a time; no, no. I won't start off with that, i don't want to treat the readers of my misfortune as children. You're adults, to me. So i will treat you like one, and spare no detail. I don't want to sugar coat, or fluff any of my bad luck. Let me give you my name, let you get a chance to know me. I'm dead of course. I should have told you earlier, or maybe i shouldn't have told you at all. This is just another regret i have, they seem to have accumulated over the years. My name is Nancy, just Nancy. 

Lets start off with my first memory as a child, i was staring at my reflection in a mirror. All i remember seeing; apart from my long, jet black hair and my pale, emerald eyes; was blood. It was all over my face and my hands, my pale, tiny hands. I touched the mirror with them, smearing blood all over the mirror. I remember being quite proud of myself. Until Mother walked in and screamed; why did she have to scream so loud? Couldn't she have just gasped like everybody else? Body meaning the other people standing behind Mother, (she was having an elegant , most distasteful, and horrendous tea party in the history of mankind). Every meaning all the people in the world.

Thats right, you remember me now? No? You must have amnesia too! Like i had before i was 10 years old, i couldn't remember anything. According to Father i was the shy, quiet type. According to him i wasn't interested in anything, according to him i was day dreaming. I think i was asleep for 10 years. Nobody believes me. I am Nancy, the one you must have seen on the television. Well i am very disappointed you don't know me. It must be very hard to- wait- i won't tell you that, not just yet anyway. 

After that day, when i- i- i can't. I thought i could do it but i can't. To tell you is to let you know my little secret. My little, bloody secret. But after that time i became reawakened as my friend Lily says. She was so pretty, she always had red ribbons in her hair. I hated her red ribbons! Mother never gave me anything as pretty as a red ribbon, in fact Mother never gave me anything red at all- or- or anything at all. The very next day i remember being so happy, the happiest and most alive i had ever felt. I was walking around with a BIG smile on my face! The house was so quiet, so still. At first i thought that nobody was around, but i realised Mother was avoiding me, but not Daddy! He came over and picked me up! And put me IN THE BASEMENT

Remember me now? No? Still no? Ok.

I don't know when i got out, but i had grown up a little bit! Somethings started to grow from my chest, i didn't know what they were. I thought they were evil, blood sucking devils. So i clawed and scratched them to try and get them off. But i couldn't, they just bled and bled. Mother finally opened the door after a while, i was so happy to see her. In fact i had ran up to her and shouted "Mummy! Mummy!". I even hugged her. She flinched and recoiled at me, i had never called her that before, or even touched her like that before. Life was so much better then, i didn't have to go to school. Not like my sister had. Or my brother. Mother never gave me any clothes, but whenever Father put some on me they felt itchy; so i tore them off! Father said i was twelve years old! I didn't believe him, but he helped me count the years from when i was born and he was right! Father was such a smart man. 

But i have to go now, Timmy is coming back from his lunch break. I would get in so much trouble if he caught me on his computer! Bye for now xoxo


The End

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