The 'Mercenary Leader' is another Spy in disguise...

"James please don't shoot, it's me 008, do you remember me James?" the spy asked desperately. His voice trembling as James looked him in the eyes and looked down the barrel of the gun.

"James, it really is me, I was with you in Russia, remember? Remember how much we loved Russia? Do you remember the funny incident with the prosistitues and the mail order brides?"

"Vaguely" James answered, still not convinced.

"I had a bunch of mail order brides shipped to your house, and the card on the crate said 'From Russia with love' "

"My memory is starting to come back in places, I remember something else about the mail order brides, didn't they all die because you forgot to put air holes in the crate?"

008 laughed, "Listen James lets not play the blame game, they probably would have suffocated to death in a crate at some point anyway, better sooner rather than later,"

James felt a tear of relief trickle down from his eye, he was pleased that he could remember something of his past.

"I've lost my memory 008, I just woke up in this warehouse, I have no idea whats going on; and before you say it, no, I haven't been drinking"

008 pulled himself to his feet, looking with disgust at the bodies on the floor around him,. "I'm here to disarm the nuclear bombs in the facility James, now my covers been blown we've gotta get out of here" 008 sighed "We all know that there is only one way out of here, and it's through those air vents."

James pointed to the open door at the end of the warehouse with the luminous 'Exit' sign above it. "What about that door there?" he asked.

"uh... That's a different exit.. We really need to crawl around in the air vents for a little bit. Come on James, we haven't even eavesdropped on a plot changing conversation through the air ducts yet." James smiled at 008, if he could remember one thing it was that he loved to crawl about in hot, dark, tight places with other men.


The End

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