The names Bourne, James Bourne - I think...

James Bourne held his breathe as the small unit of mercenaries marched past him, guns in hand and grenades hanging from their Kevlar vests. James peered out from behind the conveniently placed crates, and lined his scope up with the explosive barrels that the mercenaries had stopped next to.

James pulled back on the trigger, and the barrels exploded, a black cloud momentarily swallowed the mercenaries. Bullets began to shower down around James but he knew their bullets were useless. He had taken literally hundreds of bullets and they seemed to have no long term affect on his health. It was funny really as James seemed to be able to kill highly trained assassins wearing bullet proof vests with nothing more than a ball point pen.

James ran out from behind the crates and began opening fire at the heavily armed mercenaries with his single shot snipe rifle, fortunately he managed to kill four of them with the same bullet.

He approached the mercenary with the moustache, he was bound to be the evil leader.

"Who am I? Why are you people after me? Are you my father?" he asked.


The End

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