Cookies and Contempt.Mature

Lily left hte hospital wings two days later...or was it three?  She couldn't remember.  She did know it was Saturday though, because Madame Pomfrey had told her.

She arose early that morning and told Madame Pomfrey that if she stayed in this bed any longer surely she would go mad.  Madame Pomfrey agreed that she was sufficiently healed and could resume life at her normal rate.  With that taken care of, Lily walked down to the Great Hall to find it empty.  Damn, what time was it?  She looked at the clock in the back of the Hall.  Three fourty-five?!  What the hell was she doing awake at Three fourty-five in the morning?!?!?!  Her stomach growled loudly. 

"I bet even the House Elves are still asleep," she muttered.  Her stomach growled loudly.  "Fuck, what am I gonna eat?"  She had an idea.  She smiled and walked towards the dungeons.


Snape stretched, yawned and pulled himself out of bed as he did every morning.  He glanced at the small clock on his nightstand.  Six twenty-three.  He pulled on his usual black robes and rummaged through his drawers, looking for his wand.  He looked up when he found it and then was momentarily confused.  Why did he smell cookies?  His room in the dungeons was a good distance away from the Great Hall so how could he possibly be smelling whatever was for breakfast this morning? 

He opened the door that led from his chambers to his private laboratory and there was Lily.  Flour in her hair as though she'd gotten it on her hands before running petite fingers through her long, black hair.  Flecks of baking soda on her cheek, she pulled a small tray of sugar cookies out of an oven.  Where the hell did this oven come from and why was it in his private laboratory?, he wanted to ask..or Why aren't you doing this in the kitchen?  But instead what came out was "What the fuck are you doing in my lab?"

She looked up.  "Baking cookies," she said innocently.  "The first batch I didn't mix well enough and then I burnt the seccond batch..Quite frankly I'm not even sure what I did wrong on the third batch but they were rubbish too...I'm sure I did these ones right."

Snape looked at his lab; at least six of his cauldrons (if not more) had been used, the floor was also covered in flour and cookie dough; there wasn't an inch of counterspace that wasn't covered in cookie dough or spilled sugar or eggshells.

"Why in my lab?" he protested.  "Why didn't you do this in the kitchen?  These tools aren't for..." he shook his head.  "They're very expensive and delicate."

"Oh.." she said, looking at the floor.

Several minutes later she found herself cleaning her father's workspace.  By hand.

"Are you sure we can't just use magic to do all this?" she asked while sweeping.

"We could, but it's really better for the equipment to do it this way..." he smirked.

Lily muttered a number of curse words under her breath, moving on to scrub the six cauldrons she'd used.

"Come on, you've got to let me have some fun as your parent," Snape beamed again.  "Be sure to get all the...whatever it was that you made which was not cookie dough...any residue might affect the potions I brew."

Lily growled and continued scrubbing.

When she'd finally finished he applauded her sardonically; she snatched her wand out of his hand and stormed out of the room.  Before she was completely gone she heard her father speak to her.

"Dumbledore is speaking to Professor Umbridge about your...incodent.  He's asked me to accompany him in his office.  Perhaps you should like to come with me?"

"Fine," she grumbled, still irritated with her father for not letting her use magic to clean up the mess she'd made.

He held her arm and guided her to the Headmaster's office.  She yanked her arm away.

"I know where it is!" she snapped.

"Don't be angry with me for not allowing you to use magic.  I was just trying to...I don't know.  I suppose I'm not very good at being a father and..."

She kissed him on the cheek.  "It's okay, I understand."

They walked together the rest of the way to Dumbledore's office.  To Lily's surprise, the door was open.

"disrespectful, arrogant girl!  And she well deserved her punnishment," Lily heard Umbridge's shrill, annoying voice.

"I did not!" Lily butted in.  "Those books were rubbish and uninstructive and stupid!"

"I will not tolerate your disrespect!" Umbridge snapped back at her.  "I will not be made a fool of in front of my students by some pesky, ignorant girl whose own mother didn't even want her!"

"Dolores!" shouted Dumbledore.  But Lily had at that point grabbed the woman by the throat and flung her up against the wall and once again, Severus could see pain and anguish etched into his daughter's face.  One shouldn't find that on a nineteen-year-old's face.  They shouldn't have to be in that sort of pain.

Lily stared into this woman's eyes.  They were hollow and cold, not filled with the emotion and often pain that her own were continually consumed by.  Lily suddenly felt fatigued, and allowed herself to slowly fall to the floor.  She remained silent curled on the floor, fighting every urge to cry.  She would not let this woman see her in tears.  She drew in a deep breath and walked out of the office without another word.  Snape followed.

"Why are you following me?" Lily sobbed.

"Because I care about you."

"No you don't," she said.  "You don't care; you can't even if you wanted to.  You don't know me and you can't c-care for someone you don't know.  Besides," she said, still crying, "I don't need your care.  I can t-take care of myself."

Snape reached out and touched her shoulder.

"Lily," he said.  "I'm your father.  And I haven't really been much of a father, so you've had to learn how to take care of yourself.  But I'm here now and I want to protect you and love you and do all those things a good father should.  I know it may be hard for you, but please, at least give me a chance."

"You had a chance!" she yelled, brushing tears from her cheeks.  "You had a chance all those years ago when you were with my mother.  Maybe if you hadn't fucked it up with her and made her go after Potter's dad we wouldn't be in this mess and I'd have a real family and a mother and I wouldn't have had to go through everything I've gone through.  But it's too late for that now."

She ran off to the girl's lavatory where she could be alone.  She took a shower but even the water streaming down above her couldn't hide the tears streaming down her face.

The End

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