Firey PunnishmentMature

Lily returned -- reluctantly -- to Professor Umbridge's classroom that evening.  Upon entering the room, she noted that all the books were removed from their shelves and formed a small mountain of books on the floor.  Umbridge stood beside this "mountain," watching the doorway from which Lily entered through.

"Good evening, Miss Snape," Umbridge said with false cordiality.

"What's with the books?"  Lily was frank, and straight to the point.  She didn't desire to come here and waste precious time with unpleasant formailities.

"You'll be placing them back on the shelves, Miss Snape."

"Okay..." Lily was confused; it didn't seem like any sort of punnishment she'd ever heard of.  "Is that all?"

"Yes, I think so."  Umbirdge took a few steps back and sat at the small desk in the front of the room.

Lily strode toward the pile, hoping to make quick work of this; it was unpleasant enough simply being in the woman's presence.  Her hand reached out to pick up a copy of Defensive Strategies: Level 4, which she knew to be the fourth-years' textbook.  Upon touching the slim book, the entire pile of books burst into flames.  Startled, Lily jumped back.  She looked over at Umbridge, puzzled and assuming the professor would put out the flames.  Umbridge only nodded her head toward the pile of books and Lily realised what her real punnishment was going to be.

"That's absolutley barbaric!" she protested.

Umbridge simply looked at her.  "You will not leave this room; you will not eat, you will not sleep..until you have placed each of those books back on my bookshelf.  Do I make myself clear?"

"But..."  Lily knew her arguments would do nothing.  She closed her eyes and reached her hand back into the scarlet flames.

She screamed. 

The pain was excruciating.  Her whole hand was weapped in a blur of orange and red, tingling and twitching.  She barely held onto the book.  She could feel the skin peeling and cracking; she could smell the flesh burning.

She slammed the book onto the shelf and immediately the flame was gone.  She breathed heavily, forcing herself not to look at her blistered hand.

Again and again this task was repeated.  It was especially difficult with the smaller volumes, whose flames were blue, and much hotter.  At last, she'd placed the last book on the shelf and the flames were gone.  But their pain still lingered.  She wanted to die (or at lease cut off her bloody, burnt hands).  Some of the flames from the books had even licked their way up her forearm, leaving blood and blisters all up her forearms.

She stumbled out of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and down the corridor.  She saw a two tall redheaded figures at the other end of the corridor.

"Fred!  George!  Wait!"  she cried hoarsely.  They both turned their heads.

"Lily!"  George cried happily.  "There you are!"

"We've been meaning to see you!" said Fred.  "Hope detention wasn't too -- "

Lily couldn't bear the pain of her hands any longer and collapsed to her knees.

"Oh God," said Fred.  He and George ran across the corridor to see what was wrong with their friend.

"What's the matter?" said George.

"Are you alright?"  Fred asked, both their voices deep with concern.

"M-my hands..." she muttered.  She held out her hands.  They were dark, dark burgendy in colour and covered in blisters which were bleeding profusely.

"Holy shit," said Fred.  He looked to his twin.  "Go get Professor Snape, I'll carry her to the hospital wing."  George nodded and took off towards the dungeons.

When he got to Snape's chambers he knocked on the door repeatedly and tirelessly until a pale man with shoulder-length black hair opened the door.  He was still in his normal robes (George wondered if he ever wore anything else) and was looking at the Weasely twin with irritation and curiosity.

"What could you possibly require at this hour, Mr. Weasely?"

"I-it's Lily.  She...well, I don't really know what happened it's just -- she was at Umbridge's for detention..a-a-and her hands; we saw her in the corridor and, and, and, she fell and her hands, Professor."  He looked as though he were about to sob.  Snape, still slightly confused and immensley worried followed him to the hospital wing.

Well done, he chided himself.  Been her father for only three days and you've already screwed up and she's gotten hurt.

When Severus saw her, he looked as though he was about to sob as well.  He ran to her side; she was half-asleep.  He looked at her hands.  The looked as mangled and destroyed as hands could be.  Third-degree burns, blisters, much blood.  It was painful even for him to look at his daughter but he knew he had to be strong; he was her father and she needed him now.

On the other side of the bed, Fred Weasley was equally distressed as Professor Snape.  Though, he barely knew her, in this moment he felt as upset as he would've if Ginny's had been in the hospital wing, or Hermione.  He couldn't figure out why he felt so strongly connected to her and decided maybe it was because he loathed Dolores Umbridge so much, and she did this to Lily.

"What happened?" Snape asked her, unsure of whether she was able to answer.  To his surprise, Lily stirred.

"I was in detention...and Umbridge had a pile of-of books on the..." she breathed heavily a few times, then continued.  "On the floor.  And she made me put them on the shelf but-but..." She stopped to catch her breath yet again.  "But when I t-touched them they...they lit on f-f-fire."  She squeezed her eyes shut tight and continued breathing heavily.

Snape and Fred both could see the pain etched into the lines on her face as she winced.  Snape soothingly stroked her cheek, brushing her hair out of her face.  Her muscles in her face relaxed, but he knew it was no less painful for her.

"That woman is a monster," said Snape.  Fred never thought he would find himself agreeing with his bitter potions master, but now, he couldn't agree more.

The End

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