I'm Too Busy to be Stupid!Mature

Lily was walking up to Dumbledore's office.  She wanted to talk to him about something.  She knocked on the heavy door which opened to reveal an old man with a long beard and half-moon spectecals.  She liked Dumbledore; he was nice to her and she had no reason not to like him thus far.

"Hello, Miss Snape."

"Please," she said.  "Lily's just fine."

"Very well then, what is it you require Lily?"

"I was wondering...well I mean, the centaurs weren't wizards.  I learned plenty of spells and potions and such from reading and all but...Well I was thinking perhaps I could ask if I could maybe take some like classes or something...since this is a school and all."

"I wouldn't be a very good Headmaster if I were to deny you an education, Lily," he said with a smile.  "As a matter of fact, I'd recently been considering asking you if you'd be interested.  What level do you think your skills are at?  I haven't seen you practice magic so I do not know what your abilities are."

"I consider myself to be pretty skilled.  I think I could do just fine working at a seventh year level."

"That sounds excellent, Lily.  I'll inform the other proffessors and we'll get you your schedule this evening.  You can start your classes tomorrow."

"Excellent!" said Lily, very excitedly.

"In the mean time you're welcome to explore the castle a bit more if you'd like."

"Thank you!  Thank you so much...I'll get good grades," she added.  "You won't be disappointed!"  She scurried out of his office and ran to the library.

Books in hand, she decided to take Dumbledore's advice and explore the castle.  She wandered about, talking to portraits now and again, until she found a little nook in the wall under a painting of a portly, middle-aged man who she presumed might have been an old proffessor here or something.  He was asleep in his frame so she didn't bother him and curled up with her copy of A Young Wizard's Guide to Dragons.  Lily had always found dragons to be fascinating creatures.  She knew Harry had fought a Hungarian Horntail.  She figured he must be an exceptionally smart wizard...Otherwise how would someone so scrawny have faced against a Horntail?

Lily supposed she couldn't really judge.  She wasn't particularly strong, and she'd find out tomorrow just how smart she was.  She hoped she was smart.  Very smart.  That could be her excuse for not being very strong.  Smart people don't have time to be strong; they're too busy being smart.  Lily found herself weary and fatigued.  Seeing as she didn't really have a bedroom or anything, she allowed herself to drift asleep in her little nook, her face buried in her still-open book.

The End

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