Potter's Half SisterMature

Snape and Lily stared at eachother for a while.  The more Snape looked at her, the more she reminded him of Lily Evans.  The same nose, the same mouth, the same rosy cheeks . . .

Dumbledore told Lily that she was welcome to sleep in his office.  He and Snape left to go to bed.

Lily made a bed with her wand in the middle of the office, but she didn't sleep.

The next morning, Dumbledore came back into his office with Harry.

"Who is she?" asked Harry.

"Lily," said Lily quietly.

"As it turns out," said Dumbledore.  "You have a half sister."

"What?" said Harry.

"When your mother went to school, she gave birth to Lily and abandoned her in the Forbidden Forest."

"But, why would she do that?" asked Harry.

"I cannot be sure.  Most likely because she was not your father's child."

"Who's -- "

"Mine."  Snape had walked in without Harry noticing.  Harry glared at him, his green eyes full of hatred.

"My mother would never betray my father like that."

"I don't think she did," piped up Lily.  They all looked at her.  "I think perhaps she was with my father, and at some point during the pregnncy she left him for your father," she gestured toward Harry.  Dumbledore nodded in agreement.

"Perhaps," he said.  "She did not realise she was pregnant until after she'd left you, Severus.  Otherwise, I think she might have told you."

Lily wasn't paying attention anymore.  She was staring at worn out, old hat on a shelf attatched to the wall.  Dumbledore seemed to notice her intrest in the hat.

"It that . . . the Sorting Hat?" she asked.  Dumbledore nodded.

"You can try it on, if you'd like."  He picked up the hat off the shelf and handed it to Lily.  She placed it on her head.

"You seem a bit old to be sorted," said the Hat. 

"I'm just . . . curious, about what house I would've been in."

The Hat hesitated a moment, then cried "Slytherin!"

Snape smiled and Lily took off the Hat.

"Slytherin," sneered Harry.  Snape shot him a warning look.

"Gryffindor," Lily sneered back.

"How did you -- "

"There was an article about you in The Daily Prophet.  Last year, I think . . . mentioned something about you being in Gryffindor."

"Surprised you even know how to read," said Harry.  "Or talk . . . "

"Centaurs taught me English, and French.  I don't remember where I learned to read . . . I learned magic from some books.  Proffessor Dumbledore?"

"Yes, Lily."

"I've been having these strange dreams . . . mostly in the last year.  I thought, since you're a really great wizard that maybe you could . . . explain them."  Dumbledore nodded.  "Well, there's a man, in this . . . attic.  And he has a large snake.  He calls it Nagini.  And then theres this other man.  The first man calls him Wormtail.  And . . . I don't know who, but there was a third man.  And the first man was trying to get to Harry Potter.  He was going to use the third man to get him."

Dumbledore stared at her with fascination and worry.

"Have there been any other dreams like this one?"  asked Dumbledore.

"Yes," she said.  "And every now and again, I'll have this burning feeling.  Right here:" she touched the exact location on her forehead that Harry's scar was on his.  "And last year . . . it was awful.  I nearly fainted."

Harry and Snape stared at her in wonder, too, now.

"Severus . . . " said Dumbledore.  "Do you think . . . "

"It's possible," said Snape.

"What's possible?" said Harry.

"There may be a connection . . . between not only your mind and the Dark Lord's, but hers as well."

The End

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