The name is bond...Mature

well it is an attempt at writing about bond...James Bond.


      I woke up to a very fine morning in Brussels,Belgium.I realized that i was in a very soft bed and thoroughly enjoyed it.The room this bed belongs to is a deluxe room of The Metropole, the only nineteenth-century hotel in the famed city.It was after a lot of time that i got a chance to catch lots of z's.Life was looking good.I snuggled out of my pj's and ventured into the beautiful bathroom.It took me less than fifteen minutes to shave and shower.I had to attend a charity ball so had to choose an outfit likewise.I chose a tuxedo with high CDI(chicks dig it) factor.       

   My name's James Bond and i am an 'agent' working for the British government,MI5 to be precise and I have a license to kill.Hmmm.sounds cool huh? The disadvantage of my profession is that people without license try to kill me all the time.The ball i was headed to was organised by prince Nicholas,14th in line for the throne.I was invited courtesy of MI5 mostly because it was a rendezvous point decided between me and a contact very high in the Russian government.Stefan vladirovich.He was a general in the Russian army and also military liaison officer to Votkinsk Plant State Production Association, the guys who were busy manufacturing the bulava missiles.Mr.vladirovich was to give me the complete details design,range,payload,blah-blah at the ball.    

      The ball was located at an old building at the Grand place,the magnificent square that was considered the centerpiece of the city.It was very quick, i greeted the cold faced general who was standing near the bar and as expected was cradling a flute glass filled with vodka.Instead of relying on small talk he gives me a necklace with a pendant which i wear around my neck.I knew that the pendant doubled up as a USB pen drive.pretty handy huh?.The huge hall was filled with beauties with plunging necklines(exactly my type).As my job was done i was considering to dance with a few but the general had some other plans.

    "lets take a walk" he says.I was like huh?This has hardly happened before.Actually it would have been pretty tough for me to even remember his voice.He was never the talking kind of guy.Well whatever, lets see.      

      The fact that he was carrying out treason didn't bother him because his secret numbered bank account in Zurich got fatter.We walked out of the hall and took to the streets.The dazzling sights of the fifteenth-century Gothic Town Hall, the seventeenth-century neo-Gothic King's House, and the Brewers Guild House at the grand place didnt interest him.We walked briskly through the colorful, narrow, cobblestoned streets to the intersection of Rue de Chê ne and Rue de L'Etuve. He paid no attention to the tourists who were snapping pictures of the famous statue of the urinating little boy known as Manneken-Pis.His mind was elsewhere.    

      "There has been a serious breach of security."His words were barely audible    

      "Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant,have you heard about it?"    


      "Its output after the production of energy-"    

  I heard the muffled 'Phut-Phut' sound of a silenced revolver.Almost simultaneously my nose is treated to the familiar coppery smell of blood as it got sprayed all over my face.vladirovich had lost half of his face.As my cultivated instincts took over I quickly went prone and rolled to find cover behind a citroen parked nearby .I removed my faithful Sig sauer P226R with an extended 5 inch (13 cm) barrel and external threads to accept a suppressor. suppressors are famously called as hush puppies.But i had to return fire and wanted them to know it,so i fired back without the suppressor.There were three of them,looked Russian.I ran in a crouched position towards the next alley whilea bullet whistled past my head,these guys are not bad.    

     I found cover behind a building as they entered the alley.I stood in a classical marksman position with one hand holding the gun while other supporting it.I released two calculated shots and two of them didn't have their heads after that.I didn't want to kill the last one so i ran towards him in evasive maneuvers zigzagging while that idiot kept shooting at me.It was relieving to hear the click sound of the gun which signalled empty clip.As his hands reached for more ammo i shot it.I quickly darted towards him and kicked his gun off his good hand.    

         "Hi there!"    

      with a look that showed total hate he lunged at me.I feigned left and gave a well crafted punch towards his ribs.The cracking sound indicated that i broke one of them.A kicktowards his knee stunted his mobility.I asked him again    

     "who do you work for?"     

     I almost didnt see the machete as his hand struck it towards my face.I deflected it with my right hand.Then my left hand whipped down and clenched in the guys lank hair, yanking his head back.Then the heel of my right hand smashed an angled blow under his nose,driving his sinus cartilage into the frontal lobes of his brain, killing him instantly.Shit!.So much for Interrogation.I took out my cell phone and started an encrypted call to MI5.

The End

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