The Mystics book 1: Spiral dimention

In the spiral dimention parrel to our own is a planet called Targus. The inhabitants are human but a very in tune with the spiritual realm, and can use the souls or left over spirit energy to thier advantage. People have different types of souls , and the a militarys rank in strength directly corruelates how many mystic souls and open souls. However this world is in the middle of a choatic war while spiritual forces are working against them.


I always imagined being a hero, and saving the lives of everyone with my own power, and fighting off the enemies of my country Vercova and bringing world peace. However I'm only a sixteen year old with an unidentified soul type, and not a glimpse of any combat ability. Nope I was just an average daydreaming soul not paying attention in language class.

"Mr. Lace Decloak. What kind of conjugating system does our allied nations use so we understand each other?" Says Mr Perith, who happened to be very short but had a very intimidating voice as well as presence. Even the average soul could see his purple aura if they looked hard enough.

"Erm, textilian?" I say focusing on the class my cheeks already flushed with embarrassment for not paying attention.

"No wrong, Mr Decloak, I suggest for the future you focus up here and not in your head with your fantastic day dreams. At least until our writing unit."  He says curtly. Thats another thing that annoyed me he is able to use his own soul to enter anthers and reads ones thoughts, and he did it daily, it was quite a breach in privacy, but it wasn't against the rules since people can send ideas or messages to each other in a similar fashion. 

"Yes sir." I say picking up my pencil, and paper

"Thank you Mr Decloak.  Class not to pick on our young friend here but imagine if Mr Decloak were to not pay attention in class everyday and made these mistakes everyday, imagine how he will fair on this years final exams remind yourself that every thing I say in class is important."The class slouches back hoping that Mr Perith will not lecture us about habits, personality of a person, integrity, blah blah blah," Anyways class here is today's work,and yes before you ask you can work in groups, but any social activities, and you shall receive clean up duty, without your friends."

The rest was blah blah to me as I open up my book, looking at the Allied nations lettering and stupid complex backwards ways to English in making a sentence. I sighed. I hated this class, it was boring compared to English, math spiritual studies or even soul training which I was flunking with my lack of skill in it. But still I did it because it was the only way an average or unidentified soul can make it to a better education. I started translating, the allied nations sentences, in disgust.  Maybe today was a bad day for me I was finding a lot of things to hate,and dislike, like the fellow students in this wooden auditorium. I swear they hated Mr and only pretended to be kind to me because there is no need to be uncivil.

After what seemed like minutes of intense work which was realistically only a few seconds my attention draws to the chatter of the others, gossiping, social lives, and plans. I wonder why Mr perith hasn't already caught them?  My answer came swiftly and shockingly as it was only something I could imagine in my daydreams. A 10 foot beast crashed through the front of the auditorium, roaring, with an incredible spirit energy, and force. Its aura a dark orange. I couldn't believe my eyes it was a spirit beast, in the middle of my school, and I was not daydreaming. The students screamed and ran for the nearest exit, so did I. I reached the hall turning around as the beast followed us out breaking the ceiling of the hall. Mr Perith running between the beast,and I. Why didn't he warn us?

"Mr Decloak, Run and raise the alarm. Now! We don't have the luxury of time anymore!"

I began to run to turn away from the beast, as a build of spiritual energy was gathering around the two. I was running when the cracks appeared down the hall and Mr Pertith was sent flying past me unconscious, and smoking. He was powerful but as said by the Mrs Alcet the soul trainer that he never wished to maim or harm.  Ahead of me was my fellow students.  If Mr Perith didn't stand a chance there was no way I could survive, and the beast would catch up to them before they could get out. But maybe I could by some time by getting in its way even for a second.  I turn on my heels sliding on the linoleum floors. All that I learned in soul training came to me I could feel spiritual energy swirling around me, not nearly as powerful as Mr Perith's but I not for one second believed it would be. 

I didn't know what had gotten to me, maybe its all my daydreaming, and wanting to be a hero, or maybe it was because I didn't have any hope for my future, but there I was standing before a spiritual beast which could probably chew up an elephant like it was nothing.  It stopped and made eye contact with me, I felt only two things, fear,and adrenaline. The beast drew in a breath and breathed out a breeze of wind, which made the setting even more terrifying to me. I stepped back now knowing this venture was not going to end out like my daydreams. The eye contact broke between me and the beast. Its roar was like 20 thunder strikes, and its strength off the scale as it smashed one of its legs down before me causing me to fall on my but.  It walked towards  lifting its paw reading a swipe. Spiritual, and soul energy gathering around it. I knew my death would be quick but it seemed like seconds for the paw to come down to end it.  I raise my arms above my head, I feel a great force of energy come down then a bright light, my arms burning, but the rest of my body felt nothing. Am I dying? I asked myself the light stopped and a black and burnt hall returned with the beast looking at me with a hateful intelligence.

My arms still stung and to my surprise not damaged in the slightest. What just happened here? That couldn't possibly have been me. The beast came charging its aura burning up the ground below it, I tried to scramble backwards to dodge but it was no use the beast hit me straight on and I was sent into the air, i gathered spiritual energy , and slowed myself down hitting the floor hard on my back.  I get to my feet the beast already charging again. I had no idea what was happening, and I have never been able to use my soul to manipulate spirit energies before but in this adrenaline boosted state it seemed like I was able to, and much more. But there was no way I could have blocked that attack with that multitude.

Without much choice though I decide to retaliate allowing my soul to grow and gain energy but instead of using my physical strength along with it I try to do something simpler like releasing to repel the beast, it was a basic form a aggressive block and if it worked it would leave an opening to finish it off if I was even capable of such.  The beast came into distance, and I let go of the energy that surrounded me like a dome. for the first time I saw my aura it was Red with hints of black, and orange hidden among it.  The beast was sent backwards onto its stomach. With adrenaline moving me forwards I jump and put the rest and concentrated my soul to my right, and punched. Before I could react a figure with a long black cloak came in the way with a huge sword and blocked my attack, my energy crashing into the sword kicking up tons of energy and blinding light.

The End

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