Mr. Rocker

Detective Irwin opened the door with a creak.

Joe Rocker's office was a well organized place, with everything stacked neatly, and organized alphabetically.

To the left was a large painting, the subject of which was a Jungle scene. Three curious-looking monkeys swung on vines, while a tiger hid in the bushes.

To the right was a large metal filing cabinet, with different drawers labeled alphabetacally.

Opposite the door was a large bay window, revealing a spectacular view of the nearby mountains.

In the centre of the room was a large desk. Mahogany, the detective thought.

And sitting behind the desk, facing away from Irwin, was Mr. Rocker.

Irwin cleared his throat to announce his presence. No response.

"Er, Mr. Rocker?"

Still nothing.

"It's Detective Irwin. You called for me, remember?"



The man was fast asleep.

"How can he be asleep if he's supposed to be in danger?" the detective thought to himself.

"Mr. Rocker, please wake up!", the detective practicaly shouted.

"Snurk, hoozat?" He said with a start," Izat you, Jacob? I told you to leave me alone!"

The End

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