Rocker manor.

The door to Rocker Manor creaked open, revealing a man who Irwin supposed was Joe Rocker. "Ah. You must be Mr. Rocker." Irwin said. "Very pleased to meet you." Irwin stuck out his hand. But the man did not take it. "I'm very sorry," The man said. "But I'm not Mr. Rocker." "Oh, well, uh..." Irwin said, lowering his hand. "Well, than, who are you?" "I'm Jacob, the Rocker family butler." He snapped. "Come in, you're letting all the air in."

Irwin stepped in, and saw for the first time the inside of Rocker Manor. Rocker Manor was a fancy place, considering that it was made out of small houses. The walls were covered in tapestries. The floor was covered in rich carpet. Irwin saw statues, paintings and priceless vases.

"Yes yes, it is all rather nice," Jacob said impatiently. "But, we must go on!" Irwin tore his eyes away from the room. "Yes yes, lead the way!"

Jacob led Irwin up several floors, with each one as fancy as the first, until they reached what Irwin supposed was the top floor. It seemed to be Mr. Rocker's part of the manor. Jacob led Irwin to a door with a plaque that read:

                                    MR.ROCKERS OFFICE

The End

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