The mystery of Rocker Manor

Private eye Irwin goes to Rocker Manor to investigate strange happenings there.

Detective Irwin, private eye, was lounging in his office when he got the call.

BRING! BRING! BRI-  Irwin picked up the phone."Hello?"  "Is this detective Irwin?" Said an unfamiliar voice. "Yes. Who are you?" "I'm Joe Rocker." Irwin raised his eyebrows. "Rocker? That's a wierd name." "Please." Joe pleaded. "Come quick, it's an emergancy!" "Ok ok. What's your address?"

Address in hand, Irwin caught a taxi and sped of to Rocker manor. When he reached Rocker manor, he recieved a bit of a shock. Rocker manor was a tower, a HUGE tower. It seemed to be made out of smaller houses stacked pel-mel on top of each other, so it looked like it topple over any second.

Recovering from his shock, he knocked on the door.

The End

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