The mystery of magic - Chapter 1 (2/2)

 Birds tweeted as the sun rose. The sun cased an orange and red glow onto the trees. The bird tweeted a wonderful tune, like a morning wake up tune. There was a light breeze from time to time, which was enough to feel the fresh air. Elizabeth woke up first still lying down, rubbed her eyes and then took off her white shawl and put it over Catherine. It looked like they both had a rough sleeping time; Elizabeth’s sunshine blonde hair was entangling in its self; meanwhile Catherine looked like she had caught a cold. Unexpectedly Elizabeth heard the shouts and cries, just like the ones that she remembered when she was chased out of the city… she hoped, prayed, whished it wasn’t them, but just in case she woke Catherine up and Catherine staggered out. “Look I don’t think we have time…I don’t know how they have found us… but their coming… the people who chased us…” said Elizabeth in a worried voice. “Oh no! Come on! Let’s run!” exclaimed Catherine.

            Catherine and Elizabeth ran as fast as their feet could take them. Form a distance they looked like a blur of grey colors. Both, Catherine and Elizabeth, started panting as they swerved through the trees. Sadly Catherine’s foot got stuck between two branches. By the time Elizabeth realized she was running solo it was too late to turn back, so she decided to keep on running and running… until the angry moans and shout couldn’t be heard any more.

Elizabeth sat down with her back lent onto a rough tree trunk. She hadn’t eaten, drunken or slept properly for over a day now and her body was weak. She looked and stared up at the stars and thought about all the times she had spent with Catherine. The slowly and gently her brown shiny eyes closed and her top half of her body lifelessly fell onto the ground and her blonde hair turned half brown with it intermingled with mud.

Meanwhile Catherine was stilled being chased by the people as it luckily started to rain, so they all started to turn back. Now it had turned in to a hunt for Elizabeth.

She pushed herself faster down between the winding narrow trees. She was already drenched form the bullets of rain that poured down on her and onto the ground too. Her lags were screaming in protest, pleading her to stop. She pushed back the thought entirely as she felt herself to slow. She only stopped for a second, just to double check that they weren’t still following her. There a girl was, smiling at her; hands behind her back. Catherine ran; the other girl waked. Adrenaline pumped into her system once again as she pictured them hugging each other.  They started to jog; something was gripped tightly into the other girl’s hand that glinted ever so slightly off the moonlight. However on closer inspection Catherine realized that it was not Elizabeth, but a man. She was still glad to see someone though... anyone…

She tried to push her self passed the limit and failed quickly. She was gasping for air, with sharp aches in her ribs, stabbing from every angle. She couldn’t go on, but she had to, she had to fight it! She started to run faster and then, without any warning her legs gave out on her. She immediately collapsed on the cold, wet ground. He was there; he chuckled a bit. His short, blonde hair now dark from the rain. She wanted to scream, but she was too weak. He sighed and placed his strong arms underneath her defenseless back and neck. He was still holding the shiny object. Catherine’s face and hair was still drenched from the rain. Unexpectedly something covered her eyes, like a back coat, so her shining blue eyes could no longer be seen. You could see how scared she was by the way she gritted her teeth. The something sharp and pointed stung her neck; it was a cold object. There was a sort of fluid being poured into her. She tried to fight it, but unfortunately her body just wouldn’t respond; she was just too weak. She needed to breathe… she had to breathe… but she couldn’t breath. She was slowly loosing all consciousness before being dragged to a somewhere where a light trickling of water could be heard. The last thing she saw were the shining stars made out of diamonds…

The End

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