The mystery of magic - Chapter 1 (1/2)

This story is about the adventure that two young women had after running away from thier home town; they were forced to run away because the people thought that they were witches. This is set in the Victorian Era.

“Quick! Jump in Catherine"!” shouted Elizabeth who was already in a small carriage. Catherine jumped into the carriage. “Here take us as far a way from this place as you can with this amount of shillings.” Elizabeth stretched out her arm and gave a handful of muddy and not shiny shillings to the carriage driver. He was a tall man with a black top hat and black and white waist coat. Catherine and Elizabeth were luck that they got this ride, they didn’t know where they were going, but it was worth it; especially since they were both wearing a grey, thin, long dress, like a night dress, which would have soaked then as it was raining outside. Outside the carriage the pitter-patter of rain could be heard on the ground, as the horses trotted along the squelching sound from when their hooves trod into the mud that had been mixed with the rain could be heard. Despite being in a carriage they could still hear the bullets of rain paltering down as the carriage swayed abruptly from side to side whenever the road was unsteady. The inside of the carriage was dark, and cold with hard leather covered, brown seats. The huffle and buffel of people trying to get out of the rain could be heard and the smell of smoke was wrapped around them like a blanked. Throughout the journey Elizabeth, who was 23 years old, held Catherine’s ice cold hand. Catherine was only 23 year old and Catherine and Elizabeth were sisters.

            Eventually the city noises and smells faded away. That’s when they knew they were out of the city…far, far out of the city. “Sorry, however your money runs out here.” a deep voiced man at the front of the carriage said. One by one the two girls stepped out of the carriage, imprinting their brown leather pump shoes into the squelching mud, with rain still falling down on them. In front of them was a wood that was full of trees and mud, “What do we do n-n-now?” asked Catherine who had her thin arms wrapped around her chest and was shivering. Elizabeth progressed through the woods, “We are going to find somewhere to shelter for the night, even if it’s under a tree!!” Elizabeth answered. Catherine unsurely looked around and suddenly saw something in the distance “THERE!!” exclaimed Catherine as she pointed to it. It looked like half of a long tube. Elizabeth unwillingly followed Catherine as she thought it was a joke. As they progressed deeper and deeper Elizabeth was astonished to see a shelter – a proper iron shelter. The shelter looked like a huge iron metal tube, but with half of it underground so you could only see the other half of it. It had no camouflage on top of it. It had small ridges around it, like mini built in gutters. It glistened as it reflected the silver rays from the moon and stars. Catherine and Elizabeth looked at each other in amazement; Catherine’s blue eyes looked deep into Elizabeth’s dirty brown eyes. “We can stay here for the night.” Elizabeth commented as she ducked her head to get into the tunnel. She lay down after putting a white shawl over her shoulders and handing Catherine a light blue shawl to put over her. They both lay down side by side and tried to go to sleep.

            Finally the rain stopped and all that could be heard now was the rustling of the tree’s leaves and the occasional high pitched howl. Catherine was awake and wanted to know if Elizabeth was awake too, so she whispered softly, “Psst! Elizabeth are you still asleep?” Elizabeth was too already awake so she replied, “Yes I am awake… This is all Mrs. Greener’s fault, you know…”

“What, sorry!” replied Catherine.

“If Mrs. Greener hadn’t made us work, then we would have never had been here in the first place!” Explained Elizabeth in an angry tone. Catherine stood up and turned around, lashing her fiery ginger hair around in outrage. Mrs. Greener was their adopted mother. Their real mother died, they didn’t really know how as they were very young when it happened, but she left two identical lockets for them, well that’s what the orphanage said. The lockets were made out of pure, solid gold and on the front were roses carved in sliver. After being in the orphanage for ten years, Mrs. Greener adopted them and made then do house work and do household tasks. “What! You were the one who accepted the offer to be a house cleaner!” shouted Catherine in anger.

“Well if those people didn’t think we were witches we wouldn’t be here!” Because Elizabeth and Catherine were kitchen maids they used broom sticks to clean the kitchen floor with. Then the next day a lady came round in the middle of the night and accused them of being witches because of their broom sticks. Then an angry mob of people with fire burning sticks, some in their night gowns and all with angry faces chased them. So now they were on the run. “Ha, typical of you blaming everyone but your self!” Catherine shouted. Elizabeth replied to her in soft tone “Please, let’s just go to sleep…” They both lay down and shuffled a bit away form each other.

             The sun had gone to sleep and the moon was out. The moon was surrounded by silver glistening stars, like a crystal rock surrounded by lots of little crystals in a mid-summers day river stream. It sounded like the whole world had disappeared and so there were no noises at all, not even the occasional rustling sound of the tree’s leaves.          

The End

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