Elizabeth and Charlie

Charlie was sat gazing up at me adoringly when I returned to my house.

"Hello darling." I picked him up and hugged him. "Now, let's get us some food shall we?" I carried Charlie in to the kitchen, where he jumped down on to the stool next to the work top. "Now you stay there, and I'll make us some dinner. It's been a busy day." I busied myself over the stove, while Charlie played with some toy he'd found.

"Alright, dinner is ready!" I placed one plate on the table.

Charlie stood up and parked himself on the chair. "You no hung'y Auntie Lizzy?" I winced.

"I'm just getting mine Charlie."

"Is Mummy comin'?"

"No Charlie," I answered wincing and sitting down again, "Mummy has gone to heaven with Uncle...your dad."

"Wass, heaven like Auntie Lizzy?"

"Heaven is a beautiful place where people go when they aren't in this world anymore. It's full of pretty things and everyone is happy."


"Come on, eat up honey, and then we'll get you to bed." Charlie wolfed down his dinner, and then got in to his pj's without a fuss.

"Will you wead me a stowy?"

"Of course honey, what would you like me to read?"

"Dis." He thrust his favourite book in front of me, a story about dinosaurs and adventure.

"There once was a little dinosaur..." By the third page, Charlie had fallen asleep, and was curled up, his little thumb in his mouth and a single brown lock curled against his little pink cheek. I kissed him and tucked his blankets around him, then turned out his light and left.

I just hoped Charlie wouldn't be pulled too much in to the death of his mother. I intend to keep him with me, and never let anyone take him from me...no one will take him away. 

The End

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