Maxwell Grench: Something to report

I knew it wouldn't be long before the police started asking me questions, so I thought it in my best interest to go to them first - first impressions and all that.

I went to the police station two days after the murder. I thought going the day after was a little quick. I wasn't the one to report the murder, for I didn't want fingers pointing at me too early. I knew they would come, though. I was prepared for them.

I asked to see the lead detective on the Lady Dowall case. I was escorted back to a glassed in office.  I knew that Lady Dowall's case was deemed important because the lead detective didn't just have a desk out in the middle of the room. There were only so many glassed in offices, after all.

As I sat down, I hadn't decided if the status of the detective was an encouraging thought for my future prospects. A seasoned officer didn't make rookie mistakes usually, but they weren't as gullible either.

"Afternoon, I'm Detective Johnson," he said, keeping his head down the entire time. "I was told you wanted to see me about Lady Dowall."

"Yes, I have some information for you." I lowered my head slightly in a gesture of mild respect. The detective was silent for a moment or two, rubbing his chin in thought. Eventually, he spoke again, readying himself to take notes.

"First of all, what is your name?"

"Maxwell Grench." As soon as I said my name, I could see a change in his reaction. He tried to hide it, though.

"And, how do you know Lady Dowall?"

"I was her butler." 

He finally raised his eyes to look at me for the first time when I stated how I knew her. His expression was difficult to read, but he seemed to be forming an opinion of me, perhaps a stereotype. Was he making me his prime suspect before even hearing me out? I was hoping that wasn't the case.

"And, what did you come to tell me?"

"Lady Dowall had a visitor."

The End

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