Louisa: Dinner with James

I hadn't seen James in a long time. I went to university with him but then we lost touch. To be honest i didn't like him that much. So i was surprised to see him at the station.

"James?" I said, just to make sure i wouldn't embaress myself. He hadn't changed at all.

"Hi louisa. I suppose Johnson didn't tell you that i was working on the case."

"No, i suppose he didn't." I threw an evil glance at johnson who was at the other end of the office. "No worries. You know now"

Johnson turned around at sat down at his desk. He had a file which he handed to me. I opened it. It contained a picture of an old man, about 73, wearing a black suit and old fashioned glasses.

"This is Maxwell Grench, Lady Dowall's butler and loyal friend. Apparently, according to neighbours of Dowall, he never left the house on the night of the murder." Not that surprising. Normally it's the people closest to the victim have something to do with it.

"So sir, is he a suspect?" I asked, trying to keep my eyes on johnson. James kept staring at me. It was a bit disturbing.

We were dismissed for the night. Or should i say afternoon. Something was wrong with Johnson's so called 'social' life, so he let us leave early alot more. James turned to me. "Do you wanna catch dinner tonight?"

It took alot of thinking but i agreed and went home to get ready.


I met him at the 'Blue Pagoda' for dinner. It was my favourite reseraunt. I was wearing my best purple dress and my diamond ring. He arrived just on time. Like always.

The End

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