Elizabeth Dowall

I was shopping when I got the call.


"Miss Dowall? I'm afraid we have some bad news. Perhaps you would like to come down to the station?"

"Bad news? What is it?"

"I would rather I told you in person Miss Dowall."

"Look Mr...sorry, what is your name?"

"Detective Robert Johnson Miss."

"Well Detective, I am in the middle of a shopping trip, and I would prefer for you to tell me over the phone." I could hear him huffing on the other end.

"Very well. I'm afraid...I'm afraid your sister is dead Miss Dowall."

"My sister? She's dead? How horrible! But, I can't say it comes as much of a surprise."

"Excuse me?"

"My sister, for all her lady-like ways, was a difficult woman with a lot of grudges. I'm not surprised she's dead, the amount of enemies she had."

"How did you know she had been killed?"


"You immediately jumped to the conclusion that she had bee killed. Why would you do that unless you already knew?"

"Sorry to break the stereotype Detective, but having blonde hair and big boobs doesn't mean I have no brains. Unless there was suspected foul play a detective wouldn't have felt the urge to call me to explain. Therefore, there must be some sort of foul play, and with my sisters considerable amount of enemies and the threat she recieved recently, it doesn't take a genius to work it out."

"Hmph, well we still need you to come in Miss Dowall. There are questions to be asked, and as a member of the family, we will need you to answer them. So I shall see you at the station very soon I expect?"

"Yes of course.  Where is my...nephew?"


"Yes, Lady Dowall's son."

"Apparently the maid took him to the park around half an hour ago."

"Aah. Then I shall pick him up on the way."

"It may not be a good idea to take him home until everything has been cleaned up."

"Very well. Then we can go to my house."

"I was made to believe you lived with your sister?"

"Yes, but I have my own house so I can get out of the way if I want to. After all, she was twice my age. I didn't want to be in her stuffy house with  her all the time." I got in to my car and put the keys in the ignition. "I'm on my way Detective."

The End

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