First Evidence

Inspector Robert Johnson

Louisa ran into the station later that afternoon with her first piece of evidence.

"Sir, Sir" She shouted as she rushed into my office. She was holding a photo which she was waving in my face. I took it out of her hand and looked at it. It was a hammer. It was under an infra-red light so i could see the fingerprints. There was two sets of prints.

Louisa spoke after she finaly caught her breath. "It's a hammer sir" She looked at the picture.

"Yes Smith, i can see what it is. The point is why are you showing it to me?"

"Look at the prints. There's two sets, not one. Now look at the body." She handed me another picture. "Lady Dowall has no blood on her whatsoever. If anyone was hit they must have cleaned up."

It was true. There wasn't any blood any where on Lady Dowall or on the floor at the Manor. "Smith, go and get these finger prints scanned and checked. Meet me at the Manor tomorow. Sharp."

She was off like a shot.

The End

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