The Investigation Begins.

Detective Louisa Smith

I was actullay quite glad to get the call. I wasn't being payed because there wasn't any mystery's that needed solving.

I walked into the bedroom, thats where she was. Dead. The Head Inspector, Robert Johnson was walking towards me. "What happend here then" I asked.

He was a smart, formal man. Always wearing a suit, a different tie every day. He was older then me, about 47.

"We don't know." He said, emaressed. He didn't like it when he didn't know, know one did. "All we know is she's dead. That's why i called you." He looked me in the eye. His dark eyes were diffictult to look into.

"But why me sir, why not David?" Everyone knew that David was the better detective, i was only in the job because my dad was head of the police department in Calakly so they had to give me a job.  

"Because you've not had a case in ages. Smith, just get to work. I don't want you're old man giving me the sack." He walked off to his car and headed back to the station.

I picked up a camera and got to work.


The End

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