The Mystery of Cubicle One

Everyone said that they were the skankiest toilets in the school. Maybe that was true. I wouldn't know. They said they had low doors and no loo roll. That's probably likely. Most school toilets are like that.

But there was something odd about Cubicle One; the nearest cubicle to the sink, and the cleanest. Why? Because nobody ever went in there. No one except year sevens.

No one really bothered to wonder about it. It was just a toilet, after all. There were rumours, yes, but no one believes the whispers that go round schools, do they?

"Don't want a repeat of last time," they would say. "Don't want it happening again." That was what the teachers would say, but they would never mention WHAT had happened.

And then, one day, disaster struck.

A year nine went into Cubicle One. Afterwards, there were debates about whether or not it was a dare. There were debates about why she did it - what posessed her to throw her life away like that.

After ten minutes, her friends started to worry.

"Emily?" they called. "Emily, are you there?" There was no answer, not a sound. Nervously the three girls stood on their bags and peered over the door.

Emily had gone.

All that was left was a hairband, sitting dejectedly on the toilet seat.

The End

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