Stella Whitely- Yantze's girlfriend

Yantze isn't too happy today. He's been pacing a lot. Apparently, he heard from one of his clients that another client...Chace, was dead. I only met Chace a couple of times, but he seemed nice enough, and he was a good friend to Yantze as far as I'm aware. I try not to hang out with Yantze too much when he's on drugs, because he gets a bit violent, but when he's off them, he's so nice.

Which is why I'm so nervous now, as I sit at the bar of his den. He's had some drugs recently, last night in fact, and I don't think his brain is fully back. Or his control.

"Damn!" he slams his fist down on the bar and I flinch.

"Yan, babe, what's upsetting you?"

"Chace was a friend, a good friend...I can't believe he..."

"I know. But he's dead, and we just have to keep our heads down. You know they'll come looking for you first don't you?"

"Yeah, keep my head down. Because it's always me they would blame."

"Well not if you behave for the cops. Then they'll realise you couldn't hurt a fly."

"I've hurt you before."

"Yes, but you were on drugs then. You've got a clear head now haven't you?"


"Then you'll be fine. Here." I kiss him. "Now you just do as they say if they come, and they'll have to let you go." 

The End

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