Spencer Lowe: Druggie-Nerd

I sat among my usual group, which was quiet as ever.

The news of Chace Wilt's death had shocked the school. Me, I wasn't so surprised. Nor was I too disappointed or depressed about it. As far as I was concerned, Chace was just another jock. Jocks and us 'nerds' don't really mesh together well. Josh Dander was in the hallway, his eyes red. It was strangely pleasing imagining that tough guy crying. He was always so arrogant, like nothing could burst his bubble.

I pushed the thick-framed glasses up my nose. My mind was working quickly. I had seen Chace in the park a couple of days ago. He was hanging out with Yantze. I wasn't sure if he was buying or peddling them, but whatever it was, Chace and Yantze seemed to get along very well.

I knew Yantze. Nobody really expects smart people like me to be into drugs, but I don't know why. In high school, the smarter you are, the more socially inept you become. This leads to depression, sleepless nights, lonely days. It was a tough being someone with an above-average IQ.

Drugs just make it all go away for a while. I was smart enough not to get addicted, just once a week. Yantze was the seller. I met him in the park a couple of months ago. I was bored, and I was curious. So I bought my first pack.

The police were likely to suspect Yantze first. The drug dealer with a violent streak is always a favorite for the cops. Would they link him to me? I sure hoped not.


The End

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