Suicide? No.

I was in my office, looking over his file. No criminal record, no speeding tickets. It was almost blank. Except for the little bit of information about suspicion of drugs.

Josh was far. He had no motive that I knew of.

Of course, Chace's mom doesn't seem likely either. A mother? Killing her own son? I don't think so.

I hadn't met Chace's father. I wrote down in my notepad.

No leads so far.

I thought for a minute, "Suicide?"

I walked over to the window and pulled out my special file, which had all my thoughts and suspicions. All I had was one, and it was suicide.

I slowly took out a pen and crossed it out, "No. There was no suicide. If he had committed suicide, why wouldn't he just drug himself out? Why shoot himself in the head?"

I put the file back on the window.


I walked back into the school, it was after school hours. I decided to go see a teacher, since last time, a teacher was a good lead.

I walked down the hallway and looked at the different doors, and the decorations on them.

"Ms. Ginger, Mr. Pasteur," I stopped at that one. Pasteur? Like Louis Pasteur?

I continued, "and Mrs. Pasteur."

I froze, "A married couple?" I wrote down the suspects in my notepad.

I looked at the decorations for a second.

I crossed Mrs. Pasteur off my list, "She's too happy." I speculated.

I walked out the school door, planning to come back tomorrow to see them.

The End

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