Josh Dander: Oh my god!

"Chace is dead." He paused, "I wouldn't lie to you Josh."

Instantly, I ran out. I booked it and opened the first door I could see with sheer momentum and adrenaline. I was scared, horrified. My best friend, dead. No wonder he hasn't been showing up for classes, I just thought he started hanging around with Yantze that drug dealer more.

As I was running I began thinking about our last moments together.

*"What the hell is with you hanging out with that druggie lately?"

"He's not just a druggie, he's a good guy and he's my friend. If you can't accept that I don't think we should hang out anymore."

"Those are just the drugs talking, talk to me when your sober!"*

I ran away after that, my last words were horrible, accusing him of drugs. I eventually found an empty nook in some alley, I sat there and began to cry, to think, but most of all to wallow in my own guilt.

Did I drive him to die, was I one of the contributing factors to his death? If I was, could I ever live with myself?

The End

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