The Mystery of a Rose

Kirstie, the main charachter, is getting married, But her Fiancé runs away, On their wedding day. Things start spiraling out of control as she recieves letters from a mysterious stranger and she goes on a journey of self-discovery to find him.

The mystery of a rose

I was sat on my small single bed wearing my ivory silk wedding dress and was just fastening my silver necklace, the heart felt cold on my skin. Melanie was putting my hair into a beehive, and was adding little silver hearts as she went. At least it gave me some time to think.
“Darling are you alright?” Or maybe not
”Yes mum” I wasn’t allowed to call her Melanie to her face.
“You look worried Kirstie are you sure you O.K?”
”Yes, stop fussing mum”
“How do I look?”
“Fine mum.” And it wasn’t a lie she had a long gold dress on with a large cream coloured bow about halfway down. Her brown shoulder-length hair was curled into ringlets and her lips were a gold colour as well, I’d never seen her look this beautiful before. The door creaked slowly open, and Jessica walked in with a huge bouquet of red roses with a small white card attached to them. She looked beautiful too; Her dress was floor length and was just a shade darker than mine. Her hair was put into ringlets as well and her hair was a bit longer than my mum’s, it was also a light blonde and I realised that her and Melanie looked like opposites. I took the roses thinking they were from Isaac but got a shock when I read the note,
You know you don’t love him, Please don’t marry him.
He will never make you happy and you know it,
His words of love are nothing but empty lies and broken vows,
Unlike mine, which are full of love and caring, I will be with you for eternity.’
“Kirstie, what’s wrong? You look shocked!” Jessica exclaimed.
“Nothing, its just so sweet”
”Can I look at it Kirstie? I didn’t know Isaac was a poet.”
”No!” I said just a little too loud and shoved the note down the front of my dress. Jessica shot me a hurt look and then stalked out of the door. I looked to my mother for support but she had turned her back to me, arranging my wedding bouquet. Jessica wasn’t so keen on my getting married.
I remember the day I told her:
I was sat on this very bed twirling my hair between my fingers, looking at the floor, while she sat at my desk.
“There’s something wrong I can tell.” She said suddenly. I looked up to see her staring at me intently.
“No there isn’t I’m fine.” I replied trying to keep my face composed, and then I looked back at the floor. She didn’t say anything for a while then I decided I should probably tell her.
“Jess I have something to tell you,” I hesitated.
“Go on then.”
“I’m getting married to Isaac!” I exclaimed happily.
“What!” She shouted
“I’m getting married to Isaac,” I mumbled not so happily.
“But your only 19!”
“I know, but I love him and I want to marry him,” I whispered
“Your 19 and you should be living your life like me!”
Jessica’s voice drifted up from downstairs and stopped me from reminiscing.
“Kirstie! The carriage is here!” She shouted excitedly. Carriage? She must be mistaken we were going in a Rolls Royce. I ran downstairs as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast at all, since I was wearing stilettos, and sure enough outside was a horse-drawn carriage covered in white roses and small silver hearts. It was perfect. I heard Melanie draw in a quick breath,
“Its beautiful,” She managed choke out.
“I know,” I whispered. We climbed into the carriage and waved at Jessica since she wasn’t able to fit, the carriage only held two people, and the horses began the journey to the church. Melanie opened the bottle of champagne that was in the ice bucket next to her feet. Everything was white; it was a real white wedding. The horses where white and their hair was brushed so exactly the same amount of hair fell over both sides, the roses where white and each one had a small diamond embedded exactly in the centre of them. I raised my glass and toasted to happiness, then noticed my hand was shaking. I sipped at my champagne and thought about how I felt. I had to admit, I wasn’t that excited, it felt more like dread at what I was going to do, wasn’t your wedding day meant to be happy? But I didn’t feel happy at all I was too scared.
“Darling, you look sad, what’s wrong?” Melanie asked again.
“Nothing mum … I’m just nervous,” I answered not quite looking her in the eye. I could feel her eyes on my face but I didn’t meet her gaze, I just looked at the scenery. I watched the familiar streets go past and realised with a sudden jolt that this could be the last time I saw them. Isaac and I planned to live else where after the wedding. Suddenly Melanie reached over and gave me a massive hug, which startled me,
”It’s not too late,” she whispered in my ear. Her words brought a lump to my throat and I couldn’t speak. I sat and just looked at my shoes I thought about how the stitching was perfect on each side and how they were so polished you could almost see your face in them. Just then we arrived at the church and Faryl, mum’s best friend, ran to the carriage and whispered in her ear. Shock crossed her face and she quickly jumped out, whispered in the driver’s ear then suddenly we were moving again as I watched everyone rush into the church.
“What’s going on?” I shouted to the driver.
“Nothing madam” He replied formally.
“Where are we going then?”
”Just a little ride madam,” He replied in the same formal tone. I sat in the carriage feeling relieved. I should have been worried but I felt ecstatic instead. We came back to the church after about fifteen minutes and flung myself out, before Melanie could make us go around the block again. I ran into the church, the interior exquisite and all white, the tapestries had pictures of angels on named Kirstie and Isaac, but I didn’t really notice all this I was more concerned with what was happening with the gang of guests at the altar. When I flung open the door everyone turned to stare, their expressions hopeful, but when they saw me they turned back and began speaking frantically to one another. I scanned the room searching for Isaac but he was no-where to be seen. I was vaguely aware of Melanie coming over to see me and that she wanted me to sit down but I wasn’t really listening. I was too happy to listen.
“Kirstie, Darling, Isaac has gone. He has run away with Jessica.” She looked at me seriously her eyes waiting for my reaction, and when I answered her she looked shocked.
“Well, I hope they’re happy together,” I said steadily and walked out of the church. Outside the carriage was waiting for me, I jumped in and told the driver to take me home.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I shouted to the driver.
”Tell you what Madam?” He sounded confused.
”Where Isaac was, and please call me Kirstie,” I replied.
”Well … Kirstie, I didn’t tell you where Prince Isaac was because of your mother, she instructed me not to, she wanted to be the one to tell you.” I was lost for words; I didn’t think Melanie would do that for me. I know she’s my mum, but I wouldn’t expect that. When the carriage stopped I ran straight into the house, pulling my shoes off as I went. As soon as I opened the door I slung my shoes onto the rack and ran upstairs. I pulled off my dress, trying not to tear the seams, and changed into my old blue tracksuit. I loved this tracksuit, it had holes in, food stains on and was a little bit too small but I refused to throw it away. I walked sluggishly to the kitchen and looked around. The kitchen was old with the half painted from the time she wanted to bring in some sunshine, then got bored. I laughed to my self as I remembered that day.
“What colour should I paint it Kirstie?” Melanie had asked
”Yellow” I replied grinning. We had painted half of the day and by dinnertime we had been so tired we went to sleep after we had eaten and Melanie had promised to finish it in the morning. She still hadn’t got around to it. I looked at the worktop and saw my phone. I must remember to delete Isaac’s number, after what happened I couldn’t stand to -- My phone rung suddenly once and it startled me. I picked it up and looked at the message absentmindedly. It was from Isaac.

I’m sorry but I had to do it. I don’t love you. I should have told you earlier but…

I couldn’t read anymore. How could he do this to me on our wedding day? Even though I was glad he had gone I couldn’t listen to his reasons. How could he think I would understand? I wished Jessica were here she’d comfort me. It was then that I really couldn’t cope. Who was going to pick me up when I was down? Melanie couldn’t do it. I didn’t know what to do, I started to hyperventilate, my life was ruined and it was all because of Isaac. I hated him, I knew that from the beginning but I still said I’d marry him. What was wrong with me? I should have said No. I got angrier and angrier until I wanted to hit something, which was strange; I was normally a non-violent person. My phone rung again and I picked it up hoping for a distraction.

I’m sorry that probably wasn’t the best way to tell you but I needed to get it off my chest, you don’t know how much this is hurting me…

How much it was hurting him? What about me? My eyes narrowed at the message and I sent him one back.

“How you feel? What about how I feel? Do you have any idea what you have done to me?”

I put the phone down and turned it off so I wouldn’t get into an argument with him. I had to find out who sent me the bunch of roses. How did he know how I felt before I did? I tried to puzzle it out, whose handwriting was it? I didn’t know, Ok then, who spoke in an old fashioned manner? I didn’t know that either. Come on Kirstie! You’ve got to figure it out! I wandered into the living room and saw what I’d been waiting for. Another rose, on its own this time. I ran to it and read the message attached to it,
Today you were lucky, what would you have done if he had turned up?
I love you and this rose, like my whole person, heart, soul, body, are yours forever.’
I stared at the not and slumped onto the couch he was so romantic! I must go out into the town tomorrow and look for who it might be. There was a knock on the door. Why couldn’t people leave me alone! I trudged to the door with a scowl on my face. But when I opened it I was so surprised my mouth fell open and It took me a while to remember how to close it again.
“Did you miss me?” She asked and a smile spread across my face.

The End

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