Shreiking Forest

"Uhh...Let's see. I guess I'll choose the cave-no I'll go through the forest." I headed towards the forest. I came prepared. I had a sleeping bag, Some bread, a water bottle and a flashlight w/ batteries. I walked down the dirt road until I got the the start (or end) of the forest. "Ok, I can make it through this. Just breath." I took 3 deep breathes and walked in.

The first thing I heard was a shriek. Then  again and again and again. No wonder they call it the Shrieking Forest. I kept walking and I was scared out of my mind, did I mention I get scared easy? Well I do. I heard a scream, not a shriek a scream. That meant there were people. I ran towards the scream. I don't know why I did but I had a feeling that I had to.  I ran and ran until I saw a girl and a boy. A wolf was gonna attack them. I had to do something. What I did next was the stupidest thing ever. "HEY!! You wolf, come and get me......Why did I say that?" I ran and climbed up a tree. SHRIEK!!! The shriek was coming from the tree? How is that possible? Well I grabbed a branch and snapped it off. SHRIEK!!! "Ok really, really. Well shriek to you to dude." I went lower and tried to jump onto the wolf.

I epically.......missed. Yea, I knew I was gonna miss. Well I had a stick and I started swinging it until it hit the wolf. The wolf just shouted out a cry and jumped on top of me. "AHHH! GET OFF ME!" It bit me on the forearm. Man did it hurt. I was mad too so I started swinging again and I hit it straight across the face. It shouted out a cry again but this time it ran back to the people. I got up and I heard the loudest scream ever and I heard a boy shout. "No! Don't take her!"

I ran back and all I see is the wolf dragging the girl into the woods. I did my best to try and get her back but I couldn't get to her. "Help meee~" Her scream started to fade. She is still alive. But she won't be for long.

The End

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