The mysterious lights...

Two lights had appeared on the horizon and just hovered there, right behind me like ghost brains. . .

How many more people will be claimed by the mysterious lights?

I had been warned not to drive on the dusty outback roads at night. But I thought they were pulling my leg. So I set off, despite all their protests. Everything was normal; the moon was low and the stars were out. But then I saw something in my rear view mirror that sent shivers down my spine and turned my blood to ice. Two lights had appeared  on the horizon and just hovered there, right behind me like ghost brains. In my fright, I did the most obvious thing. I sped up, but the lights sensed my fear and gathered speed. Faster, faster, closer, closer. Until it was almost upon me. I thought I could confuse it, and so slowed down. But It simply copied me, and lowered it's haste. Don't drive on the road at night, for it is dangerous! Why, oh why had I not listened to them? this was getting too scary and in panic, I stopped. I watched mournfully as the lights came to a halt. No sooner had I placed the key back into the ignition, then the lights began moving again. So I stopped again. I then turned and the lights vanished. Phew I thought it was my imagination.  So I got out the car for a better look. Once realising they were gone, I felt a rush of confidence and, before I could stop myself, I cried out, "Come and get me, then!" the lights reformed. They're answer was simple and to the point, yet it was also the last thing I ever heard. "As you wish" it said, and I felt a tingly sensation as the lights multiplied in there thousands and climbed all over me. 

And if your wondering that if I am dead, who is writing this? I have joined them. I have become part of the vivid red glow that is the lights. So if your driving along the outback roads you may see me. And who knows what I could do to YOU!

The End

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