The muted worlds

It was like a dream. A very bad dream. I don’t remember what happened before the encounter or whether if there was a before. There were five of us. The doctor, the ranger, the professor, the old man and me.

The old man and I stayed behind in the corner room of the mansion while the other three went out, across the lawns, in an attempt to reach the Rover, the vehicle which was to be our means of escape. They were armed with sting guns to scare away the ravaging beasts outside. They looked like monkeys, but they definitely were not monkeys. They were bigger, nastier but also were spooked easily by the stings.

The plan should have worked perfectly; would have worked, if it hadn’t been for the Mute. What they were, was another mystery. They were humanoid but with no hair anywhere. None on the face either – no eyebrows, no eyelashes, nothing one was used to finding on a human face. They didn’t even have a mouth. They had two eyes, two ears, one nose, just like the rest of us, but just plane smooth skin where one would have expected to find a mouth. It was as if the lips had been fused together. We learnt to call them the Mutes because that was what they always were.

I watched the three make their way across the lawns through the glass of the door. The ranger was good. The other two were also getting a hang of it. The kept stinging the approaching monkey beasts and made their way slowly towards the Landcruiser.

Then the Mute, dressed in a dull green trench coat, came out from somewhere and jumped behind them. The ranger turned around and used the sting gun on the Mute. The Mute dodged the sting and grabbed the ranger by the neck. The other two now were firing their sting guns on the Mute. It didn’t affect him at all. The ranger started to shout, giving instructions to the other two and well just shouting.

I had to do something. I looked around the room, grabbed the two cue sticks from the billiards table and rushed out. I didn’t know what I would achieve, but I just wanted to lash out at the Mute. Do something to help my friends. I approach the Mute from behind and fumbled with the cue sticks, trying to make a grip on the two cue sticks together in an attempt to heave it high and strike the Mute on the back of his head with full force.

The ranger suddenly went quiet. The Mute had severed the Ranger’s head off his body and was throwing it away into the lawns. The Mute was fast and strong. I dropped my cue sticks. Tried picking them up and got a grip on just one. I looked at the Mute, he was eying the doctor, but then suddenly turned around and looked straight at me.

I ran. I ran back towards the corner room. I pulled the door open but could not completely open it. Something seemed to be blocking the door. The old man inside was looking at me, or maybe behind me, I didn’t know, but he had the look of having seen a ghost. I looked behind me. The Mute was just behind me, his face inches from my left shoulder. His left hand was on the door blocking it. My left hand was on the door, trying to pull it open.

I stared into his eyes, his pale green eyes. He stared back, as if waiting for my next move. Taunting me to try and run, to try and escape. I thought of the Ranger’s severed head being thrown away by the Mute. The image in my mind was very fresh, of course. Was my fate soon going to be the same? I did not know. But I knew that from this moment on, I had nothing to loose. I was almost as good as decapitated.

It was instinct. Later I came to term it as survivalist’s instinct. I let go off the door, lashed back my left arm and struck my left elbow square into the centre of the Mute’s face. He moved back and reeled over, went onto his knees, and held his face in his hands. I saw red dripping all over and under his hands. He bled red like the rest of us. It felt very good to know that.

I still had the cue stick in my right hand. Aiming at his face, I heaved it back like a baseball bat and struck hard. The Mute looked up a split second before and grabbed the cue stick inches from his face. The Mute then looked at me. I knew he was angry.

But then he got hit on his face by the another cue stick. He let go of my cue stick and collapsed onto the ground. The professor wielding the cue stick, which I had dropped earlier, hit the Mute on his face again and again. I joined him, to pummel the apparent week spot.

I stopped and looked around. The number of monkey beasts had suddenly increased and if I saw correctly, many more Mutes seemed to be approaching us in the distance. I shouted at the professor to stop. He did. Both of us did not know what to do. We started towards the corner room of the mansion. It was our only hope but we knew we would not be able to survive there much longer.

I heard the roar of an engine. I saw the Rover coming towards us. Apparently the doctor has been able to make it to the vehicle. I beckoned the old man inside the corner room and the three of us ran towards the road to meet the vehicle.

The doctor drove well. The Rover took us to safety. For now.

The End

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