Belle - Lunch Time

After the brief meeting in Diana's room, they all hurried downstairs. Diana to prepare, and Cecil and Belle to do work. Belle hurriedly went into the kitchen and put on her apron.

By that time it was Lunch Time, the time Belle had been dreading for the whole day.

Mrs Anderty entered the kitchen, as due, where Belle was patiently waiting. Luckily, this time Belle had to wait, because she didn't know what she had to do.

Right,” Mrs Anderty was carrying a piece of old, tattered paper in her hand. Only she knew that she was carrying the legendary Recipe of the Lunch. “Madame wishes to have an entrée of olives and cheese dipped in sauce with...”

Mrs Anderty droned on. And on. And on. Belle felt herself drifting off, but she determinedly pulled her mind back on task. She just caught the final wisp of talk.

... and caramel sorbet with a bit of mushroom soufflé, maybe.”

Belle wrinkled her nose in disgust. Mushroom soufflé with sorbet? The things modern people were eating these days!

And so, young Belle, that is why I brought along with me my famous Soufflé recipe.”

Belle inwardly groaned. She knew the next part.

This is where you come in. Aren't you honoured that I gave you a part in my famous Soufflé preparation?”

I'd rather not, thought Belle, but she kept her thoughts to herself. Wonderful, miss, Belle was always polite when it came to writing, unfortunately for her.

Hmm, I thought so. My old granny's granny never puts a foot wrong, does she?”

What's she on about now? Belle thought.

She always knows all the odd bits and bobs, she does, ol' granny's granny...”

As Mrs Anderty chattered along Belle checked in the Recipe Piece of Paper.

It was relatively easy to make soufflé, and Belle rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

It turned out that soufflé wasn't so easy to make after all. Mrs Anderty was right, her granny's granny must've never put a foot wrong to make perfect soufflé Though Belle never admitted that fact, of course.

It was a full, whole hour before Belle had gotten Lunch finished, with a little help from Mrs Anderty. There was even an entrée and dessert for lunch, which wasn't a normal thing.

When they had gotten Lunch finished, cleaned up the kitchen, and made everything presentable in fine china plates, did Mrs Anderty finally allow Belle to take the lunch out to the Dining Room.

Belle balanced the plates on her arms (though she dare not attempt anything with her head) and walked towards the Dining Room.

It was a grand display, designed to impress, with gold leaf chairs and walls, and beautiful carvings peeping out under fabulous paintings from various different (but famous) artists. It was called modern art, but personally, Belle didn't really like it. Too modern and fancy for her taste.

The table was a huge, long, oak table, carved and layered like the walls and the chairs. There was enough room to sit fourteen people, with two chairs at each end for the masters of the house.

Belle walked in carefully, taking extra care not to drop anything or smash any plates.

Then suddenly and unexpectedly, the excitement of what they would be doing soon filled Belle, and she very nearly tipped over a very expensive porcelain vase. But just as she was about to recover from her excitement, it fizzed up once more, and this time Belle did tip over the vase, spilling the flowers and scented water onto the rich rug underneath it. And as Belle bent to pick it up, she made a plate smash on the rug too.

Belle nearly tore her hair out, but instead, she restrained herself and calmly put the rest of her dishes on the side table, or else she would undoubtedly have smashed some more.

What would she do now? She had made a huge mess on the floor, and Mrs Anderty would never forgive her.

Then Mrs Anderty came in.

The End

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